[v7 General Discussion] Foldback Display


I do not currently have any fold back display setup, it is something that I am thinking about doing with some system upgrades soon. Does the fold back display also show powerpoint presentations? I know that it'll obviously display worship lyrics and scripture plus a preview of the next set of lyrics coming up.I just don't know what EasyWorship fold back looks like and what is is capable of.

Could someone help shed some light? Can it be configured to show current slide and next slide, what's the deal? Also, are we able to modify the fold back display like other presenting software such as ProPresenter?

Thank you in advance.


http://training.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/24000017632-display-foldback]This video should help you understand what the fold back does.

You can see PowerPoints on the fold back also.
If you select foldback in the Edit..Options..Foldback dialogue, then you can see what the foldback will look like on the operator screen. Just click where it says "live output" and it will change to the foldback output.

It may also appear on all or part of the operator screen depending on where you have asked the foldback output to be sent. If it completely covers the operator screen, don't panic, just toggle between screens with the ALT TAB keys.
We are having problems with foldback

our main projector runs without problems

our foldback projector runs without problems when we use it as a standalone projector

however, we find that the foldback projector image will go on & off, especially when displaynig powerpoint presentations

any ideas?


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

DirectX 12.0

projector Christie connected via HDMI cable to a Kramer switcher

foldback projector connected via HDMI cable

You will want to create a ticket so that we can work on the issue.