[v7 General Discussion] Issue with entering scriptures

I'm wondering if there is a little bug in EW 7 with regard to entering scriptures.

Most of the time we have our scriptures entered ahead of time but often the pastor adds a scripture.

In previous versions of EW, I was able to enter the name of the book such as Hebrews, then I could it the right arrow key to get to the book then the arrow again to get to the book. It was very quick.

In EW 7, it is quite a bit more difficult.

I have to actually use the mouse to click all the way past the verse, then I can click back to the book, then the verse.

I used to be able to be very quick with getting impromptu verses up on the screen, but now, it really takes several seconds longer to get them up.

We have recently replaced our hard drive and at that time did a fresh install. Is there a configuration change I can make to get this to work better?

Thanks in advance.

Use the SPACE bar instead of arrow key. Hebrews (spacebar) 2 (spacebar) 2. Just like typing a word processing document. Faster than using the arrow keys.

I do not remember doing this way before.

It works!
I don't have EW 2007 or 2009 available at home to test, but I believe they changed it with EW 6.
Right arrow still works for me, however space is easier than having to move might right hand off the home row.
It's hit or miss if it works for me. Most of the time the right arrow key scrolls thru the verses of the book selected instead ot allowing me to type in a chapter or verse number. Space Bar works everytime, plus as you stated it keeps my fingers on the home row.
Having used EW for a very long time, and also put scriptures on screen numerous times at the request of the preacher - live, I still can put scripture on screen as I did in much older versions of EW.

Select the Scripture Tab. Make sure you have the five short lines mode selected and not the magnifying glass.

Click beside the five little lines and begin typing the name of the book you want. You don't have to type the full name and you don't have to enter any spaces - [i]Ps[/i] will get Psalms, [i]Rev[/i] will get Revelation, [i]Mat[/i] will get Matthew etc.

So, all I do is type in [b]ps23.1enter[/b]. -

The text of Psalm 23:1 goes direct to the main screen. Scripture is on screen in about 2 seconds! I was using a colon but discovered a full stop worked and was heaps faster.

Just been trying it again on my home PC and it works very quick and spot on. No pressing of the space bar or the arrow keys.

Try it out. Of course you have to choose which version of scripture you want beforehand, or, you can change it while it is on screen if the preacher wants to show it from another version. just double click the new version you want and it will change instantly on screen.

Of course, you can also put your scriptures in the schedule if you know what they are ahead of time.

I have a special scripture background set as default so any scripture always comes up automatically with that background - an open Bible. The text box is set at the bottom of the screen and the text set to bottom/center align. The text box goes fairly high on the background so the text always runs across the bottom of the screen but a very long text fills the text box from the bottom up
Nice trick. Thanks.
Thats cool to know
Lots of good tips here - thanks.

Trying out what you say, the problem I have now found is that having selected one Bible passage I can't see how to select a different one. Delete and back space don't seem to work.

The only way I found was to select the song tab then the scripture tab again!
After I type in the book, chapter, verse then hit enter to send it to the schedule it it is back to the book. I can then start typing book, chapter, verse then enter over and over as many times as necessary. I can also click on the book, chapter, or verse at any point if necessary.
Thanks rvadon,

Cleverer than I had bargained for. I was trying to use delete and back space but you don't need to.
I know what you mean. Sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than they really are or need to be.