[v7 General Discussion] Video Autoplay Presentation/Playlist

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible, with this new version of Easyworship to create something like a playlist? So, I'd like to add several videos to play on a loop, similar to a Youtube playlist, unattended. In the past, I used the presentation feature and added the video on the background of each silde. Then, I had to set the slide to transition after a certain amount of time, which is quite long and frustrating, especially since these videos can change every service

Can I do this in Easyworship yet?

Hi, This is a great question.

This option has been available for a long time.

Drag your videos into the schedule, then select all but the first video and ctrl+drag them into the first video.

Here's a link to the instructional video. https://youtu.be/V2pmF2czwm44

This will create a presentation.

Then edit the presentation

In the inspector click slide and change Advanced to delayed on each video.

Leave after at all zeros.
[attachment=0]advance slide.png[/attachment]
That is sweet Rodger. One question tho. Is it possible to set the entire playlist to loop?
Another good question. I just realized I forgot that.

You can set the whole thing to loop.

You'll use the Loop Presentation option in inspector.
[attachment=0]loop pres.png[/attachment]
Thanks Rodger. You da man.