[v7 General Discussion] Playing WMV files

I have a schedule with three short videos which I am playing using a Lenovo laptop.

One of the videos, a WMV file, played once but not the 2nd time, one, again a WMV file, didn't play and the third, a FLV file, plays fine. When I "Go live" the video appears in the right hand pane but not on the Live Output window nor on the projector. The sound does play. Any subsequent song will not project either, I have to close and reopen EW7 to proceed.

Is there a known problem with WMV files?

Please reply to the ticket you opened earlier today and attach the schedule you are using. I would like to do some testing with these files. Right now MP4 is the most reliable, because we can use the ffmpg codecs that come with EasyWorship and they seem to be a lot more reliable than the Microsoft codecs these days.
"Please reply to the ticket you opened earlier today and attach the schedule you are using"

Sorry, I don't understand. I can't see a way of uploading a file from my PC. The file is 87MB so too large for gmail.

Upload the file to the Google Drive associated with your GMail account. Normally Gmail will do that automatically if you attach a file larger than 25 megs. Insert the link to the file in the Google Drive into your email to EW Support.

You could also use something like Handbrake (free) to convert the WMV files to MP4 (M4V) format. I just tried it on my Grandson's old Thinkpad T60 and even that old system can convert a WMV file to an MP4 of the same resolution and bitrate in real time (3 min WMV took 2:50 to MP4). On a newer system that is powerful enough to run EW 6 or 7 could easily do a 3 min vid in about a minute.
I've emailed it to myself and share the link below. I hope this works.

I tried that schedule on three different computers running the latest release of EW7 ( Two of them were upgraded from 2009 to EW6 then 7 and they still have the K-Lite Codec pach installed. All three of the videos play fine.

The third was a clean install of Windows 10 on a Thinkpad T430 with a fresh/clean install of EW7 with no third party Codec packs installed. The first two videos played perfectly, but the last one (the FLV with the orange background one) did not even start. I was able to proceed to the next item in the schedule tho. I installed a Video player which installs some additional Codecs and the third, Orange video still didn't play. I didn't install K-Lite like they suggest for 2009 and 6 since it was working on two other systems with it.

I esported that Orange FLV video file into the Media Resources and used Handbrake to convert it to an M4V video file (M4V and MP4 are the same). I imported that back into EW7 on the Thinkpad without the K-Lite Codec Pack and it played perfectly. It took less than a minute to convert the file.

I hope that this helps. Unless Roger or someone else has some other solution I would say either install the K-Lite Codec Pack as outlined in the additional codecs article linked below or use Handbrake to convert troublesome files to MP4/M4V files. I wouldn't install QuickTime as it isn't needed any longer.

And you can use the latest version of the K-Lite Codec Pak which is 14.8.9 as of this message from what I can tell. This came directly from EasyWorship Support in a different thread either here in the forums or on their Facebook page.