[v7 General Discussion] Live output looks different from editor

I have EasyWorship, version I'm still learning the program, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my setup is incorrect. Here's what's going on.

I set up my schedule on the same laptop that is used for worship each Sunday. I go in, add all my slides, make sure they look pretty in the schedule editor, and then make sure the schedule is saved. I then go into the sanctuary, connect to the two screens wirelessly (I have no idea the tech behind that) and go live with the schedule. And it looks all wrong and completely different than what I set up previously. If I go into the editor again in the sanctuary, I can now see how messed up the slides look, i.e. margins are off, one line is turned into two lines, there's extra spaces between lines, etc. It looks completely different than how it looked minutes before and I definitely saved the schedule when I finished. If I edit them again and save the schedule, the changes are saved and they look fine when I go live. It's really weird. It's like I have to connect to the sanctuary screens/system in order to see what the slides will really look like when we go live.

I feel like there's a problem with how we've got it set up, but I have no idea where to begin looking for the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Beth Duncan

Hi Beth,

This sounds like you are building the service for one aspect ratio then displaying at another.

I think this article will be helpful for your situation.

Thank you! I believe that the scaling was the problem. I've changed it from 150% to 100% and changed the resolution from 1024 x 768 to 1600 x 900 (and made this change in EasyWorship in the live options screen as well). After doing that, there were no problems with the slides looking different when I opened them in the sanctuary.

One different problem now...for some reason, my schedule wouldn't go live and project onto the screens like they normally do. I could see my laptop's desktop screen as usual, but when I opened EasyWorship and clicked live, nothing happened. I closed out EasyWorship twice and then restarted my laptop, but that didn't help. I wasn't able to open any past schedules either.

Could the changes I just made cause this problem?
Sounds like you need to give support a call. They can troubleshoot this over the phone much faster. +1 918-250-1493