[v7 General Discussion] 2 front screens


Im wondering if I can use 2 front screens in my church that display the same EasyWosrship output. The problem is I can not use a HDMI Spliter since I need to be able to control the screens individually in some cases. (Show a video on one screen but not the other one)

We use an HDMI matrix box, 4 in, 4 out. I can switch any input to 1, some or all of the outputs.


in 1 to out 1 and 2 - front of house

in 2 to out 3 - foldback

if I need to, I can switch to 3 in to 2 out for a purpose and then 1 back to 2 when finished.
You'll need a switcher and a splitter.

Probably put a switcher on both screens before the splitter. Two splitters, two switchers.