[v7 General Discussion] reordering PowerPoint

Reading through the requests that have been implemented I saw one about reordering PowerPoint slides which I though would be rather useful.

I have just tried this, both with a PowerPoint added directly and one added through the Presentation database.

In both cases the PowerPoint reordered fine on the schedule and on all three panes but when clicking on the 2nd slide on the right hand pane, the old 2nd slide was projected not the new one.

This happened even when I changed to a song then returned to the PowerPoint.

Am I missing some vital step?

The original copy for the change log was as follows.

* Fixed bug that allowed you to delete or re-order PowerPoint slides in Schedule. This is not supported.

Not sure how it was switched to a feature and how the fix was undone.
Hi Harry,

What you encountered is a bug. You should not have been able to move the PowerPoint slides around like that. To change the order of a PowerPoint slide, you have to edit it in PowerPoint. There is no way around that. The next update will block you from moving PowerPoint slides around in this manner. I'm re-verifying our change log to make sure it's accurate. I believe it's referring to the ability to edit a PowerPoint slideshow and it update the thumbnails and slides properly.
Your reply makes sense but the item in the summary of updates seems to say we should be able to do it in the schedule.

"allow to delete or re-order PowerPoint slides in Schedule."

I'll be interested to hear what the developers say.
This is interesting. I walked through the steps and see what you are talking about. The best process is to add the presentation to the resource tab and edit it there, or if you add it directly to the schedule, edit the original file and save it. It should update when you reselect the slideshow. I'm not sure the move item up or down for PowerPoint individual slides is supposed to be exposed. I'll contact the developers about this.
Hi again,

I've now downloaded EW 6.7.13 and the same thing is happening there too - as well as in 6.7.11.

Quite consistent - the slides re-order on screen in all the panes but when you click on a slide, or move to it with the down arrow, they are being sent to the output in the original order not the new order. Click on the 2nd slide you get the original 2nd slide not the new one.
Thanks for the reply, Fred.

I have re-read the source and see that it says it was implemented in EW6, however, the behaviour in EW7 is not ideal! The original source was:

"List of previously implemented features from this page.

Fred Callicoat

started a topic 11 months ago

Implemented Features:

New for version 7:


Output Option For Newtek NDI.

App to remote access and use EW.

Change UI Color?.

Implemented on version 6:

Alerts on Foldback.

........................... Large cut....

allow to delete or re-order PowerPoint slides in Schedule.

Correct focus once Scripture Selected.

Need more options for songs in schedules.

Search Song Library by CCLI#.

Inspector window - text formatting options.

Better Integration with CCLI.

Feature Request: Bible in Schedule.


Remote Viewing." End quote.

I have a photo of the screen but I can't see how to attach it. The original image shows the selected item surrounded by grey rather than blue as the focus moved to the snip program to allow the image to be taken.

The way I got here was to load the PowerPoint via "add item", then select the 2nd image in the schedule and right click then "move item down", repeat to move it down again then go live and select the 2nd image for projection. The old 2nd image is projected not the new 2nd image.

I'm using Office 2007 at home and Office 365 at Church and the same thing happens with both of these.
Hi Harry, I'm not able to recreate the issue on my machine. How are you reordering the slides? Can you attach the article that you are referring to?


I've now tried this on our Church PC as well as my own - same thing happening.

Am I the only one?