[v7 General Discussion] Default Text Attribute Margins

Since upgrading from 2009 to Easy worship 7 we have had a problem with the text attributes margins. Every song imported from 2009 seems to have a created a default that is different in EW7. Example top = 77 and bottom 140. Is their a way to change the default margins for every song without having to use themes. We would like the default on the top and bottom 12 and left and right at 20 for every song. For now it seems we have had to change each one individually. For our present video streaming purposes we need all text to be at the very top of the screen.

Have you tried to make these changes in the Option menu?
I will have to check that out in options. It seems I did see something in one of the training videos about that. We have yet to use the full features of the program and still use it like it is version 2009. The different options available in the new version has caused our operator to get frustrated. (She likes simple) Almost went back to version 2009. We are slowly working at it.
The first thing to do when switching from the K.I.S.S EW 2009 to the overly complicated EW 6 or 7 is to forget pretty much everything you know about EW 2009 and start from scratch. If you spend your time comparing 6 or 7 to 2009 you'll never learn how to use 6 or 7 effectively. 2009 was so simple to operate I could train a new user to use the essentials in about 10 minutes. To get familiar with 6 and 7 you have to unlearn and start over.

Our church found it easier to just start with new operators when we switched from 2009. Less hassle and hand holding.