[v7 General Discussion] Remove 2011 from (NIV2011)

Is there a way for us to remove the 2011 from the end of the tag of NIV2011 in scriptures?

I don't want to completely remove the reference, just the part that says 2011 on NIV, so if it says John 3:16 (NIV2011), I want it to say John 3:16 (NIV).
To do that you would need to use the NIV Bible as the source. EW displays the actual Bible name as the reference.
That makes sense, but the NIV bible is named NIV2011 in the software, my question is reather that can be renamed to NIV or some other way to take 2011 off of it.
As I told you in my previous post, no.
This is a reasonable request for EW to remove the 2011. I always manually remove it. It is good to know in the software that there are two versions, but no need to display it on screen.
Why? You are displaying NIV2011, not the older NIV from the 80's so it's appropriate to designate it as such.

Why? You are displaying NIV2011, not the older NIV from the 80's so it's appropriate to designate it as such.

I suspect 99% of people do not care what edition of NIV it is and it looks bad on the screen. Not to mention NIV2011 is not a version of the Bible, it is just the latest edition of the NIV. Every Bible site I have looked at simply calls it NIV. As should EW.
No one said it is a new Edition. The NIV 2011 is a newer REVISION with some serious flaws and all of the Bible sites I frequent takes great pains to designate between NIV (or NIV 1984) and NIV 2011 due to the many differences between the two. I can certain understand why EW differentiates between the two due to those differences as more traditional and conservative readers tend to prefer the older 1984 version.
Call it what you will. But whatever you call it, showing NIV2011 for us is pointless and ugly.

By your argument, NIV in EW should be displaued as NIV1984. Why is it not?

You do not have to agree that removing it is a good idea. But we like the idea and request it.
I am right there that it just doesn't look good on the screen. Yes there are differences in the versions, but most people do not know that. I just don't want it to say 2011, it takes up valuable space on a slide and there should be a way to remove it if wanted to.
Why does NIV2011 not look good on the screen while NIV does? That makes absolutely no sense, especially since it is accurate. If you don't want to be truthful with your audience remove the reference as Terry stated previously and then manually enter NIV into the slide instead.

If you find the 2011 that distracting then you are the problem, not the reference as you should be paying more attention to the VERSE than the reference.
First off, I don't appreciate rudeness from others. It was a simple request. I am done going back and forth on this, so if someone that actually works at EW would respond that would be great with rather it's possible or not. Thanks.
We have made our posistion clear. How we want our screens to look is not really your place to judge.