[v7 General Discussion] Interesting Powerpoint Glitch

We are running EW 7.1 and Powerpoint 2010 and have come across this little glitch.

If I display 2 powerpoints one after the other,



Announcements (Powerpoint)

Mission Spot (Powerpoint)


when I click on the second powerpoint the displayed output shrinks to the upper left.

[attachment=2]Normal.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=0]Shrunk.JPG[/attachment]

As our standard schedule is:



Announcements (Powerpoint)






Its normally not a problem but it is a repeatable bug. When it does shrink, clicking a song and then going back to the powerpoint fixes the issue.

I can confirm this. From what I can tell you can place anything between the PowerPoints to prevent it. This behaviour is not present in that I can see.

With some of the other issues I reported to EW about PPT 2010 and (especially under Windows 7) a month or so ago and this one it seems that the fixes EW came up with to fix the PPT 2013 and 2016 in 7.1 broke PPT 2010 support. I would revert back to for now until they come up with an update for 7.1 that works properly with PPT 2010.
I have this problem with WIN 10 PowerPoint 2019 and EW

If I never go live the problem never happens.

If going live the first ppt show is OK.

The EW display windows always correctly show what gets sent to the projector; i.e. the correct picture or the enlarged picture.

Once live has been active and a second schedule item is selected the problem becomes hard.

Turning live off has no effect.

Must restart EW.
Update to the latest EW That's one of the problems that version was designed to fix. It's a free update, but using the Help - Check For Updates doesn't always give you the option to do so. You might need to download via a browser then install it.

The only reason not to run is if you are running Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010. For that combination you need to stick with 7.0.41, but ONLY with that combination.

Thanks for the quick response. did not change anything.

My video card is a Radeon HD 6450 which has a DVI and a HDMI port.

I have been using the DVI port for the primary display and the HDMI for projection and that seems to create the problem.

Today I found that when the HDMI device is selected as the primary display and DVI for projection everything seems OK.

I believe I have the latest driver but also understand that the 6450 is a "legacy" device.

It looks like I should upgrade the video card.

Any suggestion for a low profile card?

15.7.1 is the latest driver for the HD 6000 series cards, and yes that is woefully under powered for EW 7. It would depend on what resolution your FOH display is as to what card to suggest. EW has a system requirements page found at that you should look at. They recommend NVidia graphics and if you go that route I would stick with something from the 900 or 1000 series.

Without knowing your other system specs or screen resolutions it's difficult to recommend anything more specific.

We are using an AMD HD 7870, but are looking to upgrade that as we went to big screen TVs recently and it's a bit laggy at times. Unfortunately EW doesn't test with AMD cards any more so it's difficult to give a recommendation on one of their cards, but a reliable source that installs Multi Media setups in church sanctuaries claims to have had success with AMD 480s, 570s, and 580s compare well with 960s, 970s, 1050s, 1050Tis, and 1060s.

If you are using a 4k display at FOH and regularly project 4k content to it I would avoid the Nvidia 970 as it doesn't have full 4k support that most of the other 900 series and all of the 1000 series cards do as well as the AMD cards mentioned above.

As for low profile, that gets a bit trickier. I see some decent 1050 and 1060 low profile cards on Newegg at a decent price.
Embarrassed again!

I should have read the FAQ sooner.

The problem was the scale setting in the display settings. The scale default is 150% but has to be set to 100% for EW

I did get a GTX 1050 which has better port options than the HD 6450.

Thanks for your help.
That 1050 should work quite well for you. One thing about using Nvidia cards is you should turn on ALL of the screens/projectors prior to powering on the computer. Quite often (but not always) an Nvidia card will re-number the displays if you don't and that can cause EW to display on the wrong screen.