[v7 General Discussion] Porting displayed scriptures into a video production

I use one or more cameras to record the sermon and need to grab the displayed scriptures for insertion into the final video.

Can each screen be saved to a text file ? (so that I can copy and paste it into a pre-formatted text box).

Another way may be to save each session to a file via NDI, which can then be imported to the video editor alongside the cameras.

Are there any other ways that people use to do this?



OK Here is another couple of options which I have actually done just recently. Well not quite but close.

I used a PC with VMix for livestreaming a funeral. I had dual monitors running and a third output was using a "dummy" (Edid) plug to make the PC think it had a monitor attached. This third "output" was the "projection" screen for EW.

On Monitor 1, I had Vmix running with the 3 cameras and an NDI capture from the churches main PC (to pick up pictures of the persons life that were being displayed on the main church screen). On monitor 2 I had the EasyWorship control screen with the songs for the funeral and on the dummy monitor I had the output of EasyWorship. I picked up the EW output into VMix using NDI Local PC, which then showed as a feed and which I could include in the overall live mix. I used EW to generate the songs for those watching live as they had no song sheets as those at the actual church had.

Now, on a previous stream I included songs using the same method but I had the EW background set to green (as in a green screen) and the text I wanted set at the bottom of the screen. I had a lower third made for the purpose which I overlayed as a Vmix title on the live video then the song text was positioned over that lower third. The green EW background was chromakeyed out in vMix. Therfore only the text was displayed as an overlay with no green background.

Using this method you can easily run both VMix and EW on the same PC at the same time. You can see the effect here at about the 16 minute mark. [YouTube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_zsbU40DSg&t=181s[/YouTube] or the funeral here at about the 20 minute mark and another song later as well. [YouTube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_zsbU40DSg&t=181s[/YouTube]

You should be able to run the free version of vMix and your current EW even on a laptop and be able to do the same thing but you might want to leave the green screen in your vMix recording and chromakey it out and overlay it onto your final video when you later edit the whole program.


I should have said that we have been unable to obtain a text files as such, only a .pdf and I would appreciate clarification.

What type of clarification? Just follow the steps in Rogers post. He tells you exactly what to click on. What part of those instructions are you unable to understand or need clarification of?

I had thought of capturing, and have a separate workstation with ingest and vMix but need to manipulate the text to get it looking good, and for our forthcoming conference have to minimise the load on other people. A continuous track would however establish timings for presentation of the scriptures, and save editing time.

I should have said that we have been unable to obtain a text files as such, only a .pdf and I would appreciate clarification.

I should have said that we have been unable to obtain a text files as such, only a .pdf and I would appreciate clarification.
PhilE: I tried what Roger suggested in EW2009, EW6, and EW7 and my only option was a text file. The only way I could save as a .pdf file was using the PRINT Schedule and using an appropriate printer driver. If you use the Save Schedule Report (Details) it will only create a text file.

Here is another couple of thoughts.

If you have a laptop you could record onto, use a USB capture device to pick up the output of EW which would be saved as a video file for the duration of the service. You would then use that file in your final editing.

You would need to split the output from EW using a VGA or HDMI splitter depending on your system. You would need to purchase a capture device that can capture HDMI or VGA. There are several types available on eBay but of course you need money to buy them.

Alternatively, you could get a little more sophisticated and install and run the VMix NDI utility on your EW PC. That would output the EW output screen via a network cable to your laptop which would be running the free version of Vmix, which has one NDI feed. Then use Vmix to record your EW output. No capture devices required, only a short CAT 5e or CAT 6 ethernet cable This option would be free as long as you have a spare laptop you can use.

NDI works great, we use it bi directional every week. i.e. we pick up the output of EW and feed that into the VMix recording/streaming. We also can pick up the output of Vmix via NDI into EW and put that on screen - so, we can have live cameras on screen if we wish.
rvadon: They have just tried it for me but only get a .pdf file, whereas Rodger mentioned a text file. I think they are using EW 6, perhaps it needs an upgrade. Also when they tried it the report file was a few months out of date, ie not the one used on the day. Does it have to be saved before printing ?

PhillE did you bother to try what Roger suggested? He clearly stated "if you just need text" so I would do what he suggested. It will do what you requested.
My knowledge of Easy Worship is limited because my time is spent shooting videos.

Rodger, I am not sure about the schedule, would it contain event timings ?. I need to overlay the scripture texts onto the video production, so it is the displayed scriptures that I would need, rather than the schedule unless the schedule contains the scriptures.

Alvin. I am dismayed that the NDI output would not work because it seems like a good idea on paper. As our meeting hall is rented, all the kit gets packed away during the week and I dont have access to Easy Worship to try very much.

As I am using vMix on another separate project in Africa, I am familiar with it, and with Newteks NDI tools but we dont have the funds to do use it at my home Church where I record the Sunday sermon plus the occasional two-camera interview and edit it using Sony Vegas Platinum. I also hope to be recording our Conference later this year but again funds do not permit anything more than using whatever cameras I can find, again editing in Sony Vegas. Saving the NDI output to a spare workstation (which had a rial copy of vMix) would seem to offer a solution but I do not understand why this can not be done in parallel with the main function of Easy Worship, which would be to control the media to be displayed. Perhaps we could try a fresh vMix installation and try capturing the output of the display Laptop as you say.
Are you recording your services live or post editing? If you are recording live, what mixer/software are you using?

I record our programs all live mixed with the Pastors PP and other screen content included in the live mix.

I am recording via VMix and use the VMix NDI utility to pick up the output of the EW computer which is then picked up as a feed into VMix. You cannot use the NDI output in EW as it then becomes your only output which means there is no feed to your projector. The two PC's of course are connected via the church network.
If you just need text, the EasyWorship schedule can be exported as text by clicking the file menu, reports and printing, save schedule detail report. I'm not sure about the NDI solution.