[v7 General Discussion] Verse Tags Missing on Control Screen

I'm a bit lost here.

I copied my database as detailed in the instructions here.

I also copied files from Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc from our old computer to our new computer.

I have not changed any of the default settings for EW from the install.

I have the dark interface selected.

My song labels such as Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge show on the foldback screen but not on the control screen.

If I switch from the dark to the light interface, where the verse tags were or should be are strips of black.


How do I fix this?

Thanks Roger!

So great to have those back!!
This is caused by the 2009 formatting options not converting over properly.

Here are the steps to reset those settings.

Close EasyWorship

You can reset these by opening file explorer and typing in %appdata% in the address bar and pressing enter.

Then open Softouch\EasyWorship.v7\settings\

Rename the usersettings.ini file

Reopen EasyWorship.

They should now be the default colors.