[v7 General Discussion] Need your explanation more abt EW7

Hi Brothers,
My church is using EW2009 since 2009 and is planning to buy EW7. I've read through your FAQ and many topics in the forums. Somehow still need your explanation.
I'd prefer to buy campus license - one time purchase for my church due to the size of my church and also the budget.
My church (in Japan) does not have our own building, so the office, children church, and adult church are in different places (but still in the same city). The internet connection is only in the church office. Is this possible that I install EW7 for children church's PC and adult church's PC in the church office, prepare schedule for the services and project it at different places (w/o internet connection)
Thank you
God bless


I have created a ticket for this. You will be getting an answer from the orders dept.
Thank you very much
Hi Brother,

I've been waiting for the reply from order department for 2 weeks. How long should I wait for your response?

Thank you

I replied to the ticket. I'm very sorry we did not reply faster.
I've received. Thank you very much for your explanation. It's clear now.