[v7 General Discussion] Powerpoint inside Schedule causes EW7 to not respond/freeze

We just purchased easy worship and were having problems with easy worship freezing up due to the computer not being good enough to handle the 1080 vids. We now bought a top of the line Brand new Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition with 8th gen 6 core I7 processor, 16 gig ram, 6 gig Nvida GTX 1060 Video, Solid State Hard drive.... All more than qualified, and on the very first week Easy Worship freezes up again!

Please help. I am the new senior pastor at this church and trying to get the church updated in the tech department, but they are wanting to just go back to using powerpoint only. It seems at my past church Easy Worship was glitchy too, but I had hoped all this would be fixed and especially with this nice $2,000 computer setup.

The current problem from Sunday is after going through the schedule with worship songs (Motion backgrounds), We move to click on my sermon slides which is an imported powerpoint document, and EasyWorship went unresponsive for 5 minutes. I just started preaching and waited for the worship leader to get it working. I am unsure if he had to restart easy worship or just wait for it to catch up. We have a fresh install of EasyWorship, Fresh computer, and freshly installed Office with most up to date programs (Office 365).

The worship leader also mentioned another problem. Again related with powerpoint slides. After doing some songs he went to click on a powerpoint that was back at the beginning of the schedule and it did not want to go back. He thought that maybe the schedule only allows you to go forward in the schedule and can't go back to a previously used item. After a long delay he did get it to work and later he tried restarting easyworship and everything worked great. These powerpoint slides which are imported are simple announcement slides or sermon slides with no videos or media attached. Just simple picture and wording slides.

Why are the freezing and delays still? HELP!

Any advice???

Great system and no problems at all. No noticable noise at all. Maybe if in an enclosed office space you could hear something? I dont know, but in a church worship center, no noise.
Thanks for sharing and glad you got it sorted. How has been your experience so far with the Dell XPS 8930 SE?

We have considered this but I was put off by the complaints about fan noise, which seems to be better with the SE version using a different fan. We are considering to do a built with GTX 1060 (upgrade to 1080 + in future if 4K is needed) and either Rayzen 2700X or i7-8700K.

I also was looking at Alienware Aurora but possibly overpriced. Nice though to be able to buy a complete kit that way.
Thank you for the replies. I want to update this issue request for all to see. This problem was not related to the video card. That was a previous time before we got this new top of the line computer system. The new computer has a great Nvidia GTX 1060 Video card. With that noted, I want to say that Easy Worship tech support is awesome. They always have been of great assistance to me. Both in this instance and the past. Last week Easy worship did an over the phone diagnosis with me and we found the problem. So for anyone having issues try this... We found that the new computer had 2 installs of Microsoft office/power point so it was causing a conflict when trying to run the Sunday morning schedule and getting to the inserted power point. It would confuse the system and cause Easy worship to go unresponsive as it did not know which version of power point to open. Apparently the new Dell XPS 8930 system came with a trial version. The first thing I did when setting up the computer is install our business 365 edition that we have, but I never deleted the already installed trial version because I did not realize it was there. The Easy worship tech helped me find this problem and then delete the trial version. Once we deleted the extra trial version of power point all my problems were resolved. I will also note that the Easy worship tech also had me delete the free trial version of antivirus that came with the computer because they have seen it cause issues as well. Thank you Easy Worship Techs for always being of great help and being very knowledgeable. Once again, you fixed my problems!
You have also created a ticket and we will be doing a remote into the machine to take a look at this issue.