[v7 General Discussion] Liturgy

We are in the process of transitioning from EW 2009 to EW 7. In the earlier version we have been creating all our liturgical texts as songs, and saving these as favourites in the song database so that they can be categorised separately. In EW 7 we are thinking about classifying our liturgical texts as presentations ( is this what others do?) and I wondered if there is a simple way to convert existing songs into presentation slides?

We name all our liturgy with a hash and space before the name (e.g. # Blessing and sending out).
Easy Worship then files liturgy items before the songs and makes them easy to find.
Another benefit is that you can search for # and only liturgy items are shown.

Hope this helps
Thanks for the reply.
In the end I decided to create a folder for liturgy within the songs database and then categories for different types of liturgy - Confession, Eucharist, Baptism etc. This appears to work well.
However, the filtering mechanism used to assign songs to categories has a bug, in that if, for example, you filter the song titles for the word "Blessing", it returns all instances of "Blessing" occurring anywhere in a song, not just the titles.