[v7 General Discussion] EW7 Questions


We recently had to restore our Sound Booth computer, so we lost Easy Worship 2009. When we restored, we elected to "keep files". We downloaded EW7, got it registered, and are now using it.

Question #1 - There were still some EW folders on the C:drive after the restore, so we were hoping all our songs were not lost. Some songs are still there, some aren't. Is there any way I can look for the song files we had and move them over to the new EW7 folders? What type of file are the song files?

Question #2 - When editing a song in the database, you used to be able to change the background image on ALL the slides at once. Now you have to do them individually, unless there is a trick I'm unaware of. And fitting the picture to the slide, and having to "send to back" is crazy.

I'll have to say, EW7 is NOT NEAR as user-friendly as EW2009 was. I know change is inevitable, but when you have volunteers that take turns running the LCD for Praise/Worship, and most of them are not super computer-literate, it's rough. Seems like the same tasks take more steps now. Thanks for the help and letting me vent. I know at work, the software people of some of the equipment we use always want feedback on their software. (gripes - what could make it better - easier to use)

Thanks again,

Clark - New Life City Church - Safford, AZ

You can change the background for the entire song. While editing a song, click the Inspector button to open a lot more options with background being one of them. You might have to click Apply To Theme to get it on all slides.
Or (1): select the image in the image database and drag and drop it on the song item in the schedule. This copies the background to each slide, behind the words.

Or (2): set up a song theme which includes the background image. Drag and drop the song theme onto each song in the schedule and when you want to change the background image for all the songs in the schedule you only need to change the song background in the theme and, if you have the "update items in schedule" box ticked, it will update all the songs in the schedule, as long as they are using that theme, in one go.

Works the same with video too - if video behind song words is your thing.
Thanks! I'll mess around with it next time I get a chance!