[v7 General Discussion] Importing songs from other software

Hi Folks,

We're looking to switch from OpenLP to Easyworship but have a significant barrier. There appears to be no way to import songs into Easyworship other than one by one, which when you have a big song catalogue is significant. I hope I'm being a bit dull and missing the method to import somewhere in the manual or fora; but, if not then why doesn't this software have an import function?

With hopeful anticipation.

In EW's defense, it is asking a lot to be able to import from other programs. Every program is different and would require different things to make it work.

When we went to EW, it was worth taking the time to manually create all our songs. We used copy/paste for text. We did it week to week as we used songs, not all at once. So I would recommend that. Then you are not overwhelmed trying to put in hundreds of songs.
Hello Rodger - Thank you for taking time to respond to this question. This feature seems like a must have for many of your paid customers who are having to migrate from other applications. Instead of maintaining a tool that needs to work with competitor systems, does it make sense for you to provide what format EW needs its files in so that they can translate into that standard/format? There are people out there willing to work with you to make this happen and I would be surprised if we didnt have folks who would write programs that can convert files from one system to easyworship format (for free) . We have just gotten license to EW and having to manually import over 200 songs in various local dialects one by one seems like a big deal and a pain. We will definely benefit from the ability to bulk import/convert songs from other systems. You've got a great software and are very far ahead in terms of functionality, allow your customers to easily transition from other apps and/or systems to work with it.

We have been working with OpenLP and OpenSong. OpenLP allows bulk export of songs and I see its in XML Format.

Thanks for commenting on this post. Many years ago we had a conversion tool that converted databases from competitors. However it became a full time job maintaining this tool as competitors would change their database structures often enough that we were constantly making changes to keep up. This doesn't mean we won't do this in the future, but we just haven't been able to make this the main priority.

What presentation software would you like EasyWorship to be able to import a database from?

I am sorry but we do not have a import utility for that.

Is this still the case? I'm surprised that a free program can import multiple songs from different formats into a song database with usable songs. EW users are supposed to import 300+songs, restricted to exactly ONE format, and import ONE BY ONE???? What exactly are we paying for?
I am sorry but we do not have a import utility for that.