[v7 General Discussion] Bug with editing songs

Go to edit a song from the schedule. On my system the attribution text (author, copyright etc) appears in an oversized, outlined font. But it projects correctly. Don't get this with EW6...

I can't replicate this.
Please edit the song, click the theme dropdown and take note of the theme it is using.
Go to that theme and see if it looks normal.
Also try editing the song, go to inspector, Presentation and click Revert to Global.
Do you by chance have a High DPI screen with the dpi scaling set over 100%. I believe this might occur with that type of setup. Our developers are working on that.
Hi Rodger
Thanks for that; not sure about High DPI screen. How would I check? (as you know I'm a Mac person!).... I've certainly not (knowingly) made any changes to screen resolution or dpi scaling - wouldn't know how to...
Used the remote app 'live' in the service this morning, for the first time. No major issues, but points noted were:
1. The remote app doesn't advance the schedule and there isn't (at present at least) any option for enabling this preference.
2. More concerning were display issues on the iPad (iPad Air 2). All text (scriptures and songs) appears very fuzzy - like a poor resolution bitmap and the issue noted earlier with the attribution text was also present. See iPad screenshot attached.
3.Minor UI consistency thing. If you select the diagonal arrows to enlarge the iPad output then there's no obvious way to zoom back. Figured out that the Cancel option does this but that's poor UI design. The same diagonal arrow graphic should be used - preferably as a pop when one mouses over - in the way that YouTube and other videos do.
You can advance the schedule but it is not obvious. Clicking twice, I think on the next item in the schedule will send it live.

I think the resolution issue is because it is sending the image over WIFI and they don't want it to be too big to slow it down.
Yes, I know that one can select any item in the schedule and double click to send it live but that's not what I was saying. In the desktop version there's an option to automatically advance to the next item in the schedule. That's not there - at least not yet - in the mobile version. Can't see why sending a better definition screen grab should be an issue in these days of streaming movies etc...