[v7 General Discussion] Opening Previous Schedule

I am having an issue where when I open a schedule from the recently used files in Windows 10, it will pop up a message saying...

"Please close the active window before trying to load a schedule"

This information message is on top of the "About Easyworship" screen saying it will expire. Both of which are on top of the full EW program window.

I attached a screenshot.

It seems the Beta opens the About screen every time it launches. However, when this error pops up, the schedule does not open. I have to open it from inside EW7.
This is something that only occurs if you have the about window open and try to open a schedule. It happens with previous versions of EW.
If I double click the file without having EW open it brings up the about window and loads the schedule after I click continue. Or after clicking the continue button on the about window, when double clicking the schedule, it opens normally.
Only when I leave the about window on the screen, does it prompt to close the window.
Does this describe your experience accurately?