[Announcements] Windows 10 EW7 - Mouse goes left off screen

We recently upgraded to a new PC Windows 10 and EW7. All went well and thank you for tech support help. We have 3 extended displays - 2 for the audience and the 3rd is the PC monitor. When running EW the mouse will disappear off the left of the PC monitor screen. We then just drag the mouse itself to the right for the mouse arrow to reappear on the screen.

I have reviewed forums for Microsoft and yours and have found nothing specific to this. I did find on another forum about installing a 3rd party tool but not sure this is a viable option.


Thank you,


That's normal. The mouse will go from the far right of the screen on the right all the way to the far left of the left most screen as configured in the Windows Display Setup. This is by design of the operating system. It's not program specific.
There are times when you need this to happen, for example if you are using live web page and need to drag the whole page from the operator screen to the main screen (you can do this before the service), But you do need the cursor on the main screen to drag it back again.

It can help to rearrange the screens in Windows so that the operator screen is the left hand one.