Modern English Version (MEV)

Would you please consider adding the Modern English Version?

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Hi Jeremy, I'm afraid that web address is not working correctly for me. Could you try to find some contact information such as an email address or a phone number for the Publisher of that Bible?

I just tried it too, it appears to be down. Here is the information from the copyright page of the physical copy I have:

Published by Passio

Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group

600 Rinehart Road

Lake Mary, FL 32746


For quotation requests, write to:

Passio, ATTN: Bible Rights and Permissions

600 Rinehart Road

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Hope this helps. Thank you!

OK, thanks Jeremy. I have contacted the Publisher from their website and will update the ticket as appropriate.

I like the idea of having MEV on Easy Worship!  It would be ideal!

Its been about a year with no news. I emailed the publisher of the MEV and received a reply with contact information. Would you please attempt to obtain rights with this contact? Hi Jeremy, Thank you for your interest in the MEV bible. Please ask your contact at Easyworship to send us a written request to outlining their interests in the MEV text and its usage. Our Rights Manager will be able to respond with specific details on the copy rights and to set up a partner agreement as applicable. Kind regards, Dan Stone | Sales Manager | Charisma House 407-333-0600, ext 3200

Yes, I will have my team reach out again to see if we can obtain this Bible translation.

I followed up with the MEV publisher and they can not find any correspondence from EW. You may email to request the rights for the MEV. Evelyn Lacourt is a contact that should be able to assist. Evelyn Lacourt | Licensing Manager 407-333-0600, ext 3208

Good morning. Was my previous post with better contact information followed up on?

Yes it was Jeremy.  I spoke with Evelyn Lacourt and she said she has tried to reach out to someone at EW.  I got the impression from our conversation there shouldn't be problem with getting EW but I do not know the details required, i.e. cost, licensing or whatever. It seems to me it's a matter of 2 decison makers coming together to get it solved.  I pray you can get this request fulfilled because it does make a big difference for me anyways to utilize MEV.  If it cost us $29.99 to purchase when adding a Bible version so be it.  Please expedite this if possible.  

Me too! I've considered switching to Proclaim, as it supports any translation I have in Logos and I have the MEV. I hope someone at EW to contacts Ms. Lacourt as it seems it's just a matter of communication. Since EW has not responded to this thread, I may open a new one. Maybe they are not receiving notifications. 

I need MEV too

I have asked my team to reach out to Evelyn again; however, this will be the third time that we have tried to reach out to them. If they do not respond, we will be forced to close this request.

Hi Fred,

I'm sorry. In the previous request with Jeremy Ellis, I personally took the contact information and personally contacted them on the phone. I don't know what you mean you have tried to reach out but if I, an EW subscriber for years can do it, I'm sure one of your contributors can do the same.  Failure should not be an option in business for your customers.  Please consider taking the extra steps to resolve this Fred.

Best regards.


I contacted Evelyn from Charisma House to watch for an email from the EasyWorship team. She replied a few moments ago that she received an email from  Elisabeth and has replied. Thank you for following up.

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