PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST - Bible Development Pipeline Explained

This post is to inform you of the process we will being using for bible requests. This process will help you keep track of where each requested bible is in the pipeline. 

  1. When a bible request is posted on this forum, we will moderate it. We will make sure we have enough information to contact the publisher to obtain distribution rights.
    NOTE-When requesting a bible, please provide as much information about the bible and publisher as you can. This will help speed up the request process.
  2. When we have received all the information required to start the bible procurement process, we will email the publisher and post the request to the forum, marking it as Deferred.
    Deferred: We have contacted the publisher and await their reply.
  3. Once we receive approval from the publisher, we will move the status to Planned.
    Planned: We have received preliminary approval from the publisher to provide this bible to our customers, but have not signed a contract with the publisher. 
  4. After we have signed a contract with the publisher, the status will be changed to In Progress.
    In Progress: A contract with the publisher has been signed and filed. Our developers will parse the official electronic bible file provided by the publisher. 
  5. Once the bible file has been parsed, is packaged for use with EasyWorship and is available for download via the software page, the status will be changed to Implemented.
    Implemented: The bible is ready for you to use in EasyWorship. 
  6. In some cases we cannot find publisher information, reach an agreement with the publisher or cannot obtain a valid electronic bible file. These requests will be marked as Not Taken.
    Not Taken: No contact information is available for this publisher. / The bible is unable to be added for technical reasons.

NOTE: Steps 2 - 3 will take the longest amount of time.  It can take months for steps 1 - 2 to be finalized. 

We have taken note of all of the bible requests added to this forum and will be re-posting them with the correct status. 

NOTE: Requests are for new Bibles to be made available in the software. Please contact support for other Bible-related requests. Any requests that do not provide adequate contact information will be marked Not Taken. Websites like Bible Gateway are good reference points but do not count as contact information.

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