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Magandang Balita Biblia - Tagalog

Name of bible translation & abbreviation

Magandang Balita Biblia - MBB



Publisher name and contact information if known

Philippine Bible Society


The Philippine Bible Society is a non-profit, non-stock and inter-confessional Christian organization that exists to provide people with Scriptures…

in the language they understand,
in formats they prefer,
and at prices they can afford.

PBS is an affiliate of the United Bible Societies, a society of more than 145 Bible Societies operating in 200 countries and territories worldwide. These Bible Societies assist in faithful translation of Scriptures as well as provide assistance to other national Bible Societies. The Bible Societies are often the only source of supply for people who could not otherwise afford the Scriptures, or who live in places far from commercial outlets.

Feel free to attach a digital version if you have it or the link to the digital version on the publisher's website.

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I hope this version will be added also.

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No Bibles will be added to EasyWorship 2009 or any older versions. We only add Bibles to the software that we are supporting and updating.

Mr. Fred Callicoat how can we get Magandang Balita Biblia - MBB?

Every so often, our team will re-evaluate the most popular Bible options on this forum and attempt to contact the publishers or Bible societies that upkeep the Bibles. If these publishers or Bibles societies respond, we ask them how we can offer their Bibles through our software. If both sides agree on the terms of use, we begin the process of adding the Bible to our software.

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I hope this would be noticed. It is such a long time.

The Bible Society has been emailed about the inclusion of their Bible in our software. Waiting to hear back from publisher.

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What happened?

The Publisher has not responded to our email. This request is being moved to not taken until we hear back from the Publisher.

Good day! Thank you for trying to grant our request.

Please do not give up on reaching the publisher as we've been searching and waiting for a long time to have tagalog version for Easyworship 2009.

This will really help a lot.


I'm afraid this Bible will not be available for EasyWorship 2009 even if we do hear from the Publisher. Bibles are only available for the currently supported version of EasyWorship.

We still hope and pray for this Tagalog translation. It is better than the Ang Dating Biblia 1905, but we still use it on version 6+, still for God's glory. But if this will be granted and will be available, praise God!
I really hope they would reconsider, this will really help our fellow brothers and sisters in Philippines to understand the word of God clearly.
Any update guys?
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