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We want "Alkitab Terjemahan Baru" with free

I already bought Easyworship 7. But I have to pay again....;;;;

Why is it 29$?

Please... answer to me.

God bless you.

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We do not have this bible available.  If it is a copyrighted bible you will have to purchase it when it is available. 

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This Bible is available as a paid version. Since it is a copyrighted Bible, we have to pay the publisher every time someone downloads it from our software. We would not be able to stay in operation if we paid for every Bible downloaded in our software.

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Thank you Bro. We paid already. I am Assistant Pastor of Antioch Indonesia Church in Ansan of Korea of republic. We are using that version to a good use.

I just thought it is a little expensive. But we paid. 

Especially, Fred Callicoat, thank you for your explanation. And Terry Stout, thank you for your answer too.

You're welcome. Yes, we do our best to offer the Bibles as cheaply as we can but I understand that this is not always easy, especially for our customers outside of the West. We are constantly reevaluating both our position with the publishers and our customers ability to afford the translations. If, in the future, we can make the Bible translations cheaper, then we will do so. And if you have any questions in the future, please feel free to reach out to me.

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