Indonesian Bible (TB)

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Indonesian Bible

You know we are considered stupid to buy the original EasyWorship while in Indonesia, there are so many pirate software. But we really disappointed that even we bought the original software, we don't have the Indonesian Bible. Until now, we are not using version 6, we are still using version 2009. Someone in Indonesia made the bible for us to use in Easyworship..
Hope we'll received good news soon.

PS. I can send you the 2009 Indonesian Bible if you want to look or edit it..

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Yes, I agree. We need Bible in Bahasa Indonesia Version. I think it's not difficult to make it, but the response from Easy Worship very slow, several time we send email about this matter, and still no reply from Easy Worship, i hope EW can deliver good service. Thank You


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the same here, waiting for TB bible available for eW6
thank you all...


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tb ew2009 itu beda banget database nya dengan ew6, jadi ga bisa dari lama diedit ke baru.

bahkan tb ew2009 aja ga tau siapa yang buat tuh.

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Hi, can I also have TB Bible for EW6? Our email is

Many thanks to the developer and praying that it will be ready soon

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I just purchased EW6 and to my dissapointment, when I look to download / purchase Indonesian Bible, it's not available. Then i search this support forum and find quite a lot of people requesting this Indonesian Bible. Easy Worship 6 is not a cheap product to begin with. And looking at the level of commitment the development team has put to the program software, I really doubt that it will need such a long time to provide this bible in EW6 format. Looking around the forum, you have even have the bible in EW2009 format uploaded by someone asking for your help to convert it to EW6.

So, to the develompent team at Softouch, please, if it's not asking to much, for us who has PURCHASED the EW6 for our Indonesia Churches, please don't keep us in the dark. Update us on the progress of this bible we need so much. After all, we have invest money in your product because we believe in the commitment you guys advertise in your website to support us.

Pastor David Adi

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I agree with you Pastor David. We are considered stupid (if it is not dumb) to buy/invest our money in buying EW in a country where there are so many pirated software. But it is about Christian ethics, it is not right for the churches to use the software without buying because it is considered stealing. So please Softtouch support team don't let us down.. Thanks

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 We need this TB bible for EW6 too.

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May I have the 2009 Indonesian Bible, please?  Our email is

Thank you very much

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Note to Development Group: Please expedite this integration/conversion of the "TB Bible" to EW6 ... Rodger says on the way but not knowing when is frustrating after all this time and patience. Great product and development ... just need this to support our Indonesian congregation in Canada ... sooon please! Maintaining encouraging words for this development through all forums that are available to us.

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We need this TB bible for EW6 too. Thank You.. God Bless us

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Thank You for your hard work to make it ! GBU


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We need this TB bible for EW6 too. Thank You.. God Bless us

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i wnat to this TB bible for EW6 too......

 God Bless us

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Hey Roger and Team, 

Thanks for getting this done.



Indonesian Christian Church Canada