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In this article:

  1. Display Images
  2. Add New Images
  3. Right-Click Features
  4. Drag & Drop Features
  5. Image Properties Editor

Display Images

In the Resource area:

  1. Click the Media tab.
  2. Click the Images icon in the Resource Library below, then drag and drop the image to the Schedule Area.
  3. Select the image in the Schedule Area and click Go Live, OR double-click the image to go live to the audience.

Add New Images

EasyWorship comes with a collection of images ready for you to use in your presentations. But more than likely you'll want to add new background images that you've purchased online or produced yourself. Here's how to add new images to your Images Library.

  1. Click the Media tab.
  2. Select Images in the Resource Library on the left.
  3. In the Images List Area (below Image thumbnails), click the + (Add) icon  .
  4. Browse to the image you want to import and select it.
  5. Click Open.
  6. The imported image appears in the Images List Area.

NOTE:EasyWorship will display .bmp, .jpg, .wmf, png and .ico files. For the best results, store all images in Your Profile/images folder. Where is your images folder located? To find out how to locate your images folder, see Profiles and scroll down to the section titled "Locate Your Profile Data."

Right-Click Features

When you right click on a thumbnail in the Images Resource Library, you have the following options:

  1. Add New Image: this is a shortcut to adding additional images.
  2. Edit Image Properties: opens the Image Properties Editor, which allows you to add a title, control the default aspect ratio for the image, and more.
  3. Delete: deletes the image from the resource area. It will prompt you to delete it completely from the / Resources / Images folder.
  4. View: allows you to change icon size for a custom thumbnail view.
  5. Sort by: the same as in Windows.
  6. Refresh: the same as in Windows.

Drag & Drop Features

  1. Add to Schedule: Drag and drop an image into the schedule from the Images area.
  2. Use as Background: Drag an image onto a song in the schedule to assign that image to a song as a background.
  3. Add a New Image: Drag and Drop images from any folder in Windows to the images area. EasyWorship will then add a shortcut to that image into your images tab.

Image Properties Editor

Follow these steps to edit the properties of any image in EasyWorship:

  1. Click on the Media tab in the Resource Area.
  2. Select Images from the Resource Library on the left.
  3. Right-click on any image and select the option to Edit Image Properties.
  4. The Image Properties editor will appear, allowing you to customize properties of the image such as title, aspect ratio, copyright info., tags, etc.

Properties Tab

  1. Title: Enter the name of the image in this field.
  2. Aspect Ratio: Allows you to maintain the aspect ratio, stretch, or zoom the image.

Info Tab

  1. Title: Enter the name of the image in this field.
  2. Author: Enter the Author in this field.
  3. ©Button: Enter copyright info in this field. Pressing the copyright logo button adds the copyright logo to the copyright field.
  4. Description: In the dropdown area, enter a description for the image (description keywords are searchable from the search bar in the Resource Area).
  5. Tags: In the dropdown area, enter tags for the image (tags are searchable from the search bar in the Resource Area).
  6. OK: Saves the Image properties and closed the window.
  7. Cancel: Cancels all changes and closes the window without saving.

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