Getting Familiar With The Layout (EW 6)

Modified on: Fri, 21 Jul, 2017 at 11:00 AM

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EasyWorship 6 introduces a whole new experience from previous versions, making it simpler than ever to build and present a schedule. If you've used previous versions, you'll recognize the flow: using the Resource Area on the bottom to build the Schedule on the left and then present from the Live Area on the right. You can still double-click any item in the Schedule or Resource Area to Go Live immediately, and additional menu options have been tucked into menu dropdown buttons located in the corners of each section of the interface.

Resource Area


A collapsible Resource Area now spans the bottom of the application instead of being confined to the bottom left. At the top are five tabbed libraries: Songs, Scriptures, Media, Presentations, and Themes. The Resource Area has three columns: 1) Resource Library/Collections tabs on the left, 2) Library lists and details in the middle, and 3) a Compose Area on the right. Additional menu options are now in dropdown buttons in the bottom left of the Resource Library and Library lists/details Areas, including Add Item and Action Menu buttons t1.png . In the Library lists/details Area, you'll also notice an Icon View dropdown with a slider that allows you to customize your view for thumbnails or list view t2.png.

  1. Presentations - Presentations in the Resource Area will house any EasyWorship presentations you build in EasyWorship and PowerPoint slideshows. You’ll now have a complete searchable library of presentations at your fingertips. No need to go searching your hard drive for a PowerPoint file when it’s right there in EasyWorship.
  2. Themes - The themes area is now available to allow you to make templates that you can apply to scripture, songs, and presentations. The responsibility of what used to be called backgrounds is now handled between media and themes. Both will be available in the song editor for convenient access. You’ll no longer have to load media items in two separate libraries to have backgrounds available in the song editor.
  3. Collections - The resource area now gives you the power to create collections based on criteria you define. i.e. You can create a collection of songs that are written by the same author or create a collection of videos or images that have cross in the name.

Schedule Area

The biggest change to the Schedule Area is the addition of collapsible slide groups, allowing you to drag-and-drop media to a single slide within a group or to the entire group at one time. Additional menu options are tucked into dropdown buttons in the top right of the Schedule Area, including an Icon View dropdown with a custom slider and an Action Menu dropdown  .

Live Preview Area

The Live Preview Area allows you to see the current live slide that the audience is seeing as well as any sub-slides that are a part of the active slide group, e.g., multiple slides within a song, looping presentation or a long scripture reference. This is different than previous versions where the middle Preview Area was for previewing what was queued to Go Live.


Previously limited to songs, search has now been expanded to all libraries within the Resource Area with two different search modes.Search by resource title, by scripture reference, or by keyword. Toggle between search modes by clicking the icon on the left side of the search box   .

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