Restore EasyWorship Database From Archive

Modified on: Mon, 26 Oct, 2020 at 9:54 AM


There are some instances that require the recovery of the previous version of your database. Follow the steps below to restore the previous version of your database from the archive. 


  1. Close EasyWorship. 
  2. Open File Explorer (Windows Key +E ) and browse to C Drive > Users > Public > Documents > Softouch > EasyWorship > (Default or other profile folder) > v6.1 > Databases > Archive
  3. You will see a folder with a date and time and version number on it. (There may be several of these. Select the version that you want to restore) 
  4. Right click that folder and click Copy
  5. Go back a folder to the Databases folder. 
  6. Right click in a blank space and click Paste.
  7. You will see that folder show up there. 
  8. Right click on the folder you see there called Data, click Rename and change the name to Data.old.
  9. Right click on the folder you just pasted in there and click Rename and rename it to Data. 
  10. Open EasyWorship and it should convert the database and open.

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