New Updates to EasyWorship 6

Modified on: Tue, 14 Nov, 2017 at 3:48 PM

What's new to EasyWorship 6:

EasyWorship 6 has a number of great new features. Here are just a few of them:

A powerful new Presentation Designer with features similar to PowerPoint. This new feature is going to give you more control over text and graphics with tools for reflection, shadow, transparency, and bullets. The Presentation Designer also supports transparent PNGs, includes spell check, and allows you to stack multiple text boxes, video elements and graphics on a single slide.

We've also packed in a Theme Designer, scripture text reflow, QuickTime integration and some goodies for our pro users. The new Theme Designer is a convenient way to create and save song, scripture and presentation themes. This will simplify your design process and give your audience a more consistent experience. The addition of QuickTime integration eliminates the need for third party codecs, allowing you to seamlessly import and play MP4, MOV and M4V's. With Scripture Reflow, you can drag-and-drop multiple verses into a service schedule instead of one massive block of text and EasyWorship conveniently builds separate slides based on the settings you define.

Latest build for EasyWorship 6:

Version 6.7.8 (released 09/18/2017)

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.
Fixed ctrl+u key combination in the editor so that it underlines selected text.

Version (released 09/12/2017)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.

Version (released 09/12/2017)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue with refreshing PowerPoint files in schedule causing a deadlock.

Fixed an issue with loading malformed MPEG1 files that have incorrect duration.

Fixed issue with not being able to load schedules with incomplete presentations.

Fixed issue with DVD aspect ratio not being calculated correctly.

Fixed issue with DVD bookmarks not getting created correctly in some versions of Windows 10.

Fixed another issue with thumbnails painting with only a partial image, half gray.

Fixed it so scripture text will show up on Foldback if added individually to a song presentation. If song text exists, the scripture will not show.

Fixed an issue with PowerPont thumbnails not always being correct.

Fixed string sorting to take into account numbers and digits before the text so it will sort number first then the text.

Fixed issue with phrase searching on song words not working correctly.

Fixed an issue with Windows shutdown leaving EasyWorship in an incorrect state causing an exception after shutdown fails. Also fixed it so EasyWorship will not stall the shutdown.

Fixed an issue with desktop flicker when jumping between two different PowerPoint presentations.

Fixed the issue created in Windows 10 Creators update that caused message alerts to not work properly during PowerPoint or web.

Fixed an issue with files ending in "songs." not working correctly in media.

Fixed an issue where changing the theme on a song with a scripture slide causes the scripture slide to be blank.

Fixed an issue where editor sometimes appears off screen after changinge system screen settings.

Fixed a possible lockup issue when opening Options or Editor.

Fixed issue where live selector may get out sync with live window when using up, down, and space keys to navigate slide.

Fixed an issue where feed would not show on live screen if you went live while previewing feed.

Fixed an issue with dragging over OutlineEditor causing the border colors to mess up.

Fixed argument out of range error when dragging text from first slide in outline editor.

Fixed issue with dropping text in outline editor not always reflecting the change to the slide editor text.

Fixed issue with Alpha channel mask not rendering correctly.

Fixed issue where some element properties were being copied into FoldBack text target by mistake.

Fixed an issue when using NewTek Airsend where every other frame of a presentation gets dropped when there is no other animation.

Fixed an issue where FoldBack screen elements revert to default theme data after editing options.

Fixed an issue where scripture used within a song does not show up on FoldBack if song content is hidden.

Fixed issue with FoldBack info, like clock and next item, not showing up if scripture is used on a song.

Fixed an issue with Schedule check for changes not importing all the appropriate media properties into resources.

Version 6.7.5 (released 06/16/2017)

Feature Enhancement:

    • Holding down ctrl key is required to drag items in the schedule into each other. AKA Combining schedule items. 

Bug Fixes: 

•Fixed an exception when closing check for changes window.

•Fixed an issue with DVD Active Movie Window poping up sometimes after you edit or add a DVD clip.

•Fixed issue with some customers not getting thumbnails on JPEGs.

•Fixed possible issue with 'Could not retrieve data. table is locked' exception.

•Fixed issue with audio files not working correctly with you set start and stop positions.

•Fixed issue with audio repeating property not getting loaded correctly in Audio Properties window.

•Fixed issue with custom song labels not working correctly.

•Fixed an issue with converting dates on computers where Daylight Saving Time is not applicable or disabled.

•Fixed an issue in the editor when dragging a media item over the Masters button causing the incorrect theme to appear.

Version 6.7.4 (released 06/08/2017). This includes internal builds from 6.5.6 forward.

New Features:

•Added LAV splitter to handle MP4 audio using Windows Codecs. This will also handle mpeg2 transport streams if you have an mpeg2 decoder installed.

•Added support for using BlackMagic directly without going through DirectShow.

•Changed editor to remember location and size and state of inspector.

•Added a new way to resolve PowerPoint Application install information.

•Started logging PowerPoint version resolution info for troubleshooting.

•Added the ability to remember the last bible used and make that bible the default bible in the selector on initial load.

•Added scripture syncing with schedule.

•Added the ability to turn off scripture reflow.

•Added the ability to update resources from schedule. (Check for Changes)

•Added the ability to update schedule from resources.

•Added option to set pack schedule option to default to off.

•Changed New button to a drop down and added the ability to create new songs and presentations from there.

•Added the ability to have a multiple slide logo with animation and timing.

•Added a media store button to the toolbar.

•Increased shadow radius max value in editor.

•Added Interlude and Vamp to default song import tags.

•Added the ability to unclear or unblack the live output by pressing the Enter key in the live selector or live ledger view area.

•Added the option to have spacing around scripture reference.

•Added more drag and drop functionality to schedule and selectors.

•Added the ability to change the Language used for Database Sort Order.

•Added the ability to save schedule and song activity reports as text files.

•Added OTF font support.

•Added shortcut keys for alerts. ctrl+m (mesage alert), ctrl+n (nursery alert), ctrl+f (foldback alert)

•Added option to show only scripture reference.

•Added CCLI license number to printed schedules.

•Added the ability to duplicate multiple selected slides.

•Added the ability to type in a profile path rather than browse.

•Added option to reset all songs in db to default theme.

•Added option to output song and schedule reports to csv and txt file.

Bug Fixes:

•Fixed in issue in the beta with transition speed not getting set correctly.

•Change drag and drop points to work better with dragging into schedule when dragging long items.

•Fixed issue with scripture text not appearing after being added to a song in the schedule.

•Fixed issue with Add and Duplicate slide not highlighting correct slide after completion.

•Fixed menu item on slide selector inside of editor to allow for Add, Duplicate, and Delete.

•Fixed issue with not being able to change repeating on slide backgrounds.

•Fixed an exception that may occur when closing the schedule.

•Fixed issue with schedule not using attached theme to update thumbnails.

•Fixed 'Use...' button in Alert Editor.

•Fixed issue with Editors Inspector background media fill state not showing up correctly.

•Fixed multiple issues with spell checker.

•Fixed in issue with selecting all the slides in the editor causing an Argument out of range error.

•Fixed issue with not being able to search by song number. You will need to rebuild keys to fix any existing data.

•Fixed issue where thumbnails of newly opened schedule items may not match the live output if the schedule was created on another computer or using a different set of global options.

•Fixed issue where newly opened schedule items select the last opened schedule item instead of the first item in the schedule.

•Fixed issue with editing slide text taking a long time when you have a lot of slides.

•Fixed an issue with selection not changing correctly if you select a new slide while editing a slide in the presentation editor.

•Fixed issue with double clicking schedule item to go live and then single clicking live selector, resulting in slide either resetting to start or pausing.

•Fixed issue with not being able to import songs from SongSelect when a non-English language is selected.

•Fixed some editing issues in Outline Editor.

•Speed up editing in the Presentation window when you have lots of slides.

•Fixed a bug with editing Presentation Theme content bullet types causing the theme to get corrupted.

•Fixed in issue in SQL that can cause a race condition or lockup during the start of transaction.

•Fixed issue where video may jump back a frame after completion when playing a video with a clip start and stop position.

•Fixed an issue with foldback flickering sometimes when previewing a video.

•Fixed possible problem with text disappearing in editor after you change the theme.

•Fixed issue with not being able to drop a new item into schedule if there is no white space at the bottom.

•Fixed issue with background audio not pausing when you press the Black or Logo button.

•Fixed a possible problem with schedule thumbnails getting out of sync.

•Fixed DVD editor to update position when paused.

•Fixed some issues with DVD playback with video glitching.

•Fixed possible access violation that occurs in Windows 7, with basic theme, and resizing preview window.

•Fixed issue with shared videos glitching when going live from one presentation to another when foldback is enabled.

•Fixed an issue with doing a quick edit in the selector of a presentation or theme causing a SQL exception.

•Fixed issue with some MP3 files not playing that contain MS Stereo variation in the format.

•Fixed a possible exception the occurs after you print a report and then close the preview window.

•Fixed problem with converting 2009 options over when you only have one monitor.

•Fixed issues with some Unicode characters not translating correctly when downloading from the integrated store.

•Fixed issue with Presentation Editor sizers and lines not scaling to match monitor DPI.

•Fixed some large DPI issues with alert edit window.

•Fixed issue with PowerPoint files you drag into the schedule from outside resource not updating correcting when you refresh thumbnail.

•Fixed multiple issues with PowerPoint file thumbnails not working correctly in schedule.

•Fixed issue with fill volume and mute not working in editor inspector window.

•Fixed issue with selector thumbnails not reflecting global changes when needed.

•Fixed issue with options taking to long to save.

•Fixed issue with slide thumbnails not rendering correctly when changing output size in options. This resulted in slide thumbnails with missing text.

•Fixed issue with bible download selector not reflecting installed bible after downloading or updating a bible.

•Fixed issue with mp4 not looping as logo.

•Fixed issue with thumbnails sometimes rendering blurry.

•Fixed some painting issues with slide thumbnails.

•Fixed issue with resizing transparent elements within the editor resulting in transparency getting lost.

•Fixed issue with video shadows not working correctly.

•Fixed problem with PNG files that have no alpha channel not getting handled correcty when drawing shadows.

•Fixed problem with alpha channel output not rendering shadows correctly when there is a non-transparent background.

•Added the ability to rebuild search keys, to fix data that was incorrectly build for some languages.

•Fixed issue with dropping a theme or media item onto a non-selected outline editor item not updating designer with the new dropped slide number.

•Fixed issue with resizing popup windows sometimes getting stuck.

•Fixed issue with scrollbars not scaling correctly in a multi-dpi environment.

•Fixed Alert drop down to hide options not enabled and to store last size and active tab.

•Fixed issue with double clicking new bible translation not always going live. This could also have resulted in next selected reference going live incorrectly.

•Fixed issue with changing an existing file in resource area not updating thumbnail.

•Fixed issue with changing slide background to 'none' not working correctly when you have a theme.

•Fixed a possible bug with thumbnails not bulding correctly.

•Fixed issue with text not sizing correctly on Foldback when you have song slide that uses custom font sizes.

•Fixed it so when you add a song from SongSelect and a collection is visible, it will also add the song to the collection.

•Fixed problem with FoldBack Next Line text incorrectly showing next presentation info if the next slide is blank.

•Removed FoldBack format options for auto sizing text since they are not applicable for FoldBack.

•Fix problem with schedule drag and drop not working correctly if you have multiple presentations and slides selected.

•Fixed an issue with profile options getting incorrectly rebuilt if the "Archive" and "do not index" attributes are set on the settings file.

•Fixed wheel scrolling to scroll the same amount as a list view even when scrolling icons, unless the icon size would be smaller than that amount.

•Fixed it so you could drag and drop in slide selector without causing the live window to change.

•Fixed exception with dragging scripture onto outline editor.

•Fixed issues with outline editor losing selections after a drag and drop.

•Fixed issue with dragging scripture onto slide and it only showing the first verse only.

•Fixed an issue with getting a database lock message when trying to create a new Profile option set while someone else was using the database.

•Fixed support for raster fonts.

•Fixed fonts with unicode characters in their name do not work.

•Fixed removed brackets in KJV text.

•Fixed portugues Bible book names only display in English.

•Fixed more available scripture list doesn't remember column widths.

•Fixed changing slide order in preview doesn't mark schedule as changed.

•Fixed Tamil language issues.

•Fixed incorrect diacritic placement in Devanagari.

•Fixed stops responding while options are being saved.

•Fixed issues with text formatting not matching when imported from a EasyWorship 2009 or older.

•Fixed sorting scripture by translation breaks the search function.

•Fixed scripture search in presentation editor defaults to contextual search.

•Fixed disable scripture support option doesn't turn off the scripture tab.

•Fixed thumbnail view settings in live and schedule are not remembered.

•Fixed issues with powerpoint thumbnails not displaying properly on an unpacked schedule.

•Fixed PowerPoint file names display incorrectly in the schedule.

•Fixed text size on song reports.

•Fixed disabled auto word capitalization in alerts.

•Fixed when dragging and dropping files into resources, the wrong file type can be drug to the wrong resource folder e.g. Videos can be drug to images.

•Fixed text formatting issues when importing or copying and pasting from MS. Word.

•Fixed themes causing access violation.

•Fixed .m4a is not recognized as a drag and drop element.

•Fixed MP4 set as logo does not loop.

•Fixed various media playback issues.

•Fixed Russian language search functionality.

•Fixed bible download status not updateding.

•Fixed issues with Tamil language.

•Fixed schedule thumbnail settings are not saved.

•Fixed issue with song editor not fitting the screen when set to 1024x768 resolution.

•Fixed cannot mute background audio in the inspector.

•Fixed presentation themes is automatically selected when clicking the themes tab.

•Fixed download bible doesn't show complete.

•Fixed access violation when selecting scripture item in schedule.

•Fixed access violation when adding scripture to song.

•Fixed search doesn't work for Russian & Ukrainian language.

•Fixed Scandinavian letters not sorting properly.

•Fixed access violation when using certain themes.

•Fixed When PowerPoint 2010 viewer and PowerPoint App are installed, EW will only use the last installed app regardless of settings.

•Fixed you can duplicate and delete slides in the theme editor.

•Fixed editing notest in summary view is disabled because you can't see them to edit theme.

Previous Builds for EasyWorship 6:

Version 6.5.5 (released 09/19/2016)

  • Fixed bug with media thumbnails not getting built correctly or getting built to small.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to convert from EasyWorship 2009 data.
  • Fixed possible exception that may occur when switching to theme tab or pressing the black screen button if your first slide you go live with after starting EasyWorship is a scripture.
  • Fixed possible exception that occurs when rendering some foreign language fonts.
  • Fixed issue with background videos not repeating during playback when using the new MP4/MOV filter.
  • Fix problem with PowerPoint not painting when you un-black the screen if you GoLive with black screen enabled.
  • Fixed issue with schedule summary view not correctly dragging and dropping on the last item.
  • Fixed problem with EasyWorship hiding if you try to restart it while you are sitting at the register screen that sometimes displays during startup.

Version 6.5.4

  • Fixed problem in Editor with using Tab key inside the slide designer edit box.
  • Fixed some possible issues with the program deadlocking due to race conditions in the thumbnail builder.
  • Fixed progress form to show up during the conversion process when fixing data for this version.

Version 6.5.3 (released 09/08/2016)

  • Fixed issue with FoldBack message settings getting saved to Live message settings.
  • Fixed a problem where a lockup might occur after saving a new song.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with caret painting incorrectly when adding or removing lines in song editor.
  • Fixed tab and shift-tab in editor to function like it did in 6.4.8.
  • Changed EasyWorship to favor Quicktime player for MOV and MP4 files if Quicktime is already installed.
  • Changed video player to be more flexible in playback of videos that may have failed in the previous builds.

Version 6.5.2 (released 09/06/2016)

  • Fixed issue with new version of SQLite causing errors due to table aliases getting dropped on column names.

Version 6.5.1 (released 09/06/2016)

  • Fixed issue with new bibles causing exception if they have not been added to the web list.
  • Fixed it to be more flexible in finding PowerPoint installs.
  • Fixed problem with some elements rendering with full opacity even when opacity value is set.
  • Fixed bug with video poster frames not always updating if getting thumbnail previously failed.
  • Fixed problem with midi not muting during logo or black screen.
  • Fixed problem with auto advance not working in presentation if background is set to media fill and none under select media.
  • Fixed problem with read-only bibles causing EasyWorship to load slowly.
  • Fixed problem with importing a song into schedule from SongSelect and then pressing Go Live resulting in web page going live instead of new song.
  • Fixed a problem where the SongSelect import button may not activate as needed.
  • Fixed a bug with the black or logo button becoming inactive. This fix could also impact the checkbox on the currently selected view.
  • Fixed problem with 2009 db not converting directly 6.4.8 or later versions.
  • Fixed JPEG error #42 exception on bad JPEGs.
  • Fixed problem with hot key navigation of schedule not working if the focus was in Ledger View or the Preview Slide Selector.
  • Fixed bug with Add Theme button initially showing up disabled.
  • Fixed a sorting issue in selectors where capital letters would show up before lower case letters.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to search non-English bibles using English bible names.
  • Fixed a bug with copy and pasting text not showing up on text in slide.
  • Fixed problem with slides getting merged when you select all text and hit reset styles.
  • Fixed an editing issue caused by backspacing into title line and the trying to correct it with enter key.
  • Fixed problem with underline attribute getting dropped when pasting text from external source.
  • Fixed a problem with shift-tab creating a new slide in song editor.
  • Fixed a problem some Chinese text no importing correctly.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to save a non-default bullet in a presentation.
  • Fixed cosmetic bug with video controls clipping play/pause button.
  • Fixed cosmetic bug with video controls displaying incorrectly after switching from side by side to top/bottom view.
  • Fixed potential issue with rendering black screen on Windows 10 using Intel's integrated switchable graphics adapter.
  • Fixed issues with images and PowerPoint files not getting compressed, when pack schedule is selected. Basically we only skip compression on video files.
  • Fixed an issues with PowerPoint files in the schedule not updating correctly when you drag the same presentation back into the schedule after saving the schedule packed.
  • Fixed bug with trying to delete read-only files in selectors. File will be ignored.
  • Fixed it so PowerPoint importing will use filename for title instead of embedded title.
  • Removed option to Install Quicktime support since it no longer needed.
  • Fixed problem with creating dangling PowerPoint presentations if user edits PowerPoint file after adding it to EasyWorship.
  • Fixed a possible situation where EasyWorship could lock up during concurrent transactions. This was a result of SQLite not handling attached tables correctly.
  • Fixed issue with PowerPoint slides not syncing correctly with live window.
  • Fixed problem with saving options taking a long time. This was a problem with Windows taking forever to delete an empty folder.
  • Fixed problem with Song thumbnails not updating if that are using default theme and default layout and default theme gets deleted or changed.
  • Fixed possible exception that might occur during when jumping between PowerPoint presentations.
  • New Features
  • Add the ability to convert EasyWorship 2009 nursery and message options.
  • Added message alerts.
  • Added message tokens and countdowns.
  • Added service start and stop times to work with message alert countdowns.
  • Added new menu option in schedule options to disable auto expand when dragging.
  • Added the ability to auto rotate JPEG picture files using the EXIF data supplied by the picture.
  • Made some changes to speed up RTF parsing in editor.
  • Added the ability to drop reflowed scripture text into editor instead of just creating one slide of text.
  • Added Font Compatibility list in options to select fonts that cannot be substituted in text editor for default system fonts. This fixed problem with ? showing up in outline edit for some fonts.
  • Added Font Fallback list in options that allows user to select which fonts to fallback to when a font cannot be located.
  • Added new spell check options dialog to menu of editor.
  • Added the ability to type font name in font drop down to quickly locate a font.
  • Added the ability to use scroll wheel in font drop down.
  • Added the ability to select all text in editor and force the editor out of auto size mode by incrementing text size up or down.
  • Added the ability to overwrite text in editor instead of just inserting.
  • Added check to see if media or theme is already being used before we allow a it to be deleted by user.
  • Added right-click "Copy Scriptures to Clipboard" function to scripture selector in main window.

Version 6.4.8 (released 12/01/2015)

  • Fixed problem with label combo not showing correct background color.
  • Fixed some issues with large DPI and property editor window for transitions.
  • Fixed some issues with large DPI and song label drop down window.
  • Fixed problem with adding a slide in editor not highlighting newly created slide.
  • Fixed some issues with the outline editor dropping pasted text after inserting a new slide.
  • Fixed some issues with the outline editor deleting slides after using the backspace key on label.
  • Fixed flicker issues that occurs when you resize resource area into live preview when using live and preview combined view.
  • Fixed bug with live preview reverting to smaller size after changing interface view to live with resource preview.
  • Fixed bug in editor where cursor jumps backwards when pressing down arrow.
  • Fixed a bug where creating an empty song and then re-saving it would keep appending new empty slides.
  • Fixed exception that occurs when click the cancel button (x) in the scripture selector's locator, after selecting multiple scriptures.

Version 6.4.7

  • Fixed font size combo in editor to allow editing again.
  • Fixed font size combo's edit background color.
  • Fixed a possible problem when closing editor and getting an exception.
  • Fixed problem with install window truncating when using high dpi.
  • Fixed other high dpi (large font) issues.

Version 6.4.6 (released 11/13/2015)

  • Fixed problem with first line of text data that does not have a label, getting misinterpreted as a label.
  • Fixed problem with using the menu to import a PowerPoint presentation into the schedule causing EasyWorship to lockup.
  • Fixed problem with DVD's that contain Macrovision not playing in Windows 10.
  • Fixed a possible exception on shutdown with getting current slide.

Version 6.4.5 (released 11/11/2015)

  • Fixed potential issue with locking up while trying to parse Unicode text. Most likely would happen during conversion of data.
  • Fixed bug where presentations added to schedule will sometimes result in using the wrong theme, causing lost data.

Version 6.4.4 (released 11/10/2015)

  • Fixed bug with duplicate font files causing exception on startup. This is related to font fall back.
  • Fixed bug with Windows 8.1 and High DPI monitors not working correctly.

Version 6.4.3 (released 11/10/2015)

  • Fixed issue where double click presentation would advance two builds erroneously.
  • Fixed some minor painting issues with control borders.
  • Reduced memory requirements for font cache.
  • Fixed a possible issue with outline editor scroll position jumping after selecting with the mouse.
  • Fixed bug with theme selector locator not correctly locating items.
  • Fixed bug with changing output dimensions in options not getting reflected correctly in preview window when using default theme.
  • Fixed bug with transitions stretching when going to or from logo transition where logo presentation is a different aspect ratio.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to delete or re-order PowerPoint slides in Schedule. This is not supported.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with drag image not showing over labels.
  • Fixed possible bug when pressing ENTER on locator and then the next item does not go live.
  • Fixed possible bug with thumbnail not showing up after dragging an image to the schedule from outside of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed a bug in auto size text engine resulting in wrapping instead of shrinking text.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to use the locator to locate a song within a song collection.
  • Fixed problem with Alpha Channel window minimizing when the application is minimized.
  • Fixed bug with DVD Player throwing an exception when there is no valid audio device.
  • Fixed problem with trying to use zero for verse number and it causing EasyWorship to lockup.
  • Fixed problem with deleting thru verse not changing the selected verses.
  • Added workaround for Windows Bug on full screen DirectX causing composition manager to crash.
  • Fixed flicker in options window when turning on or off Preview Live Output or changing the output dimensions in options.
  • Fixed bug with videos marked as background not playing with correct transition.
  • Fixed bug caused by dropping a PowerPoint presentation into the theme folder.
  • Fixed a bug with the application locking up if you drag a locked schedule file into the schedule window.
  • Fixed a bug in DVD editor that would not load any clip info if the bookmark was created in a different OS version.
  • Fixed a bug with the DVD bookmark OS version not correctly working with Windows 10 and causing an exception on load if clip was built in an older OS.
  • Fixed problem with profile options not being accessible to limited users.
  • New Features
  • Added wheel mouse support to outline editor.
  • Added classic preview panel.
  • Added classic ledger view. Some of your slide selector preferences will have to be reset.
  • Added new view type for previewing and live selecting in one view. Moved live output preview to left for this view.
  • Changed it so EasyWorship will remember the desired look for each slide selector in the preview and live area by type. All media uses same type.
  • Added Nursery Alert feature.
  • Added option for saving videos in schedule or to just link to local videos. This option will speed up saving when you schedule is not going to be used on another computer.

Build 3.3 (Released 7/24/2015)

  • New features go here

Build 3.2 (Released 7/21/2015)

  • Added next line info for presentations on FoldBack.
  • Added default font in options for live and FoldBack to allow for font changes in one place.
  • Added larger thumbnail sizes for media, presentations, and themes when using higher DPI.

Build 3.1 (Released 6/22/2015)

  • Added the ability to expand/collapse all items in schedule using new menu items.
  • Added page up and page down key support to selectors.
  • Added the ability to use Backspace to delete records in selector.
  • Added the ability to tab across controls in the main form.

Build 2.2 (Released 6/15/2015)

  • Added the ability to type as you find when using search.
  • Added the ability to add and remove demo data.
  • Added repeating options to Video and Audio Properties editor.
  • Added the ability in the schedule to drag media items into the middle of a song or scripture.
  • Added the ability to designate a media item specifically as a background or foreground item.

Build 2.0 (Released 5/11/2015)

  • Added Schedule Detail report.
  • Added the ability to open and import 2009 schedules.

Build 1.9 (Released 3/31/2015)

  • Added support for 64Bit PowerPoint.
  • Added support in editor to select and change values across multiple slides.
  • Added the ability to create themes from media.

Build 1.5 (Released 1/27/2015)

  • Added support for slide navigation using slide and label reference.

Build 1.4 (Released 1/23/2015)

  • Added FoldBack clock.
  • Added support for global hotkeys.
  • Added the ability to reset presentation back to the global default in the inspector.
  • Added Directory tag to imported file items so they can be added to a collection using a rule.
  • Added support for converting old EasyWorship options, settings, profiles, song backgrounds/overrides, and backgrounds.

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