CCLI Auto-Reporting FAQs

Modified on: Fri, 21 Jun, 2024 at 4:20 PM

Q: What is auto-reporting for CCLI? 

    A: When you have a CCLI/SongSelect subscription, and you're signed into SongSelect in EasyWorship, and have auto-reporting enabled, EasyWorship will report your song usage automatically to CCLI.

Q: Why do I want to enable auto-reporting?

   A: CCLI and EasyWorship want to make your lives easier than ever! Why put the worry and stress on yourself to manually report your song usage when you can just let us do it for you automatically? It just makes sense to turn it on. Why not remove one more item from your to-do list?

Q: Does it cost extra?

   A: This feature costs you nothing more than your current EasyWorship subscription and your SongSelect subscription.

Q: How do I know auto-reporting is enabled in EasyWorship?

   A: In EasyWorship, go to the Songs tab and then click on SongSelect. Right-click on any song in the library on the right and go to Integrations. You will see a pop-up window that will tell you whether auto-reporting is Enabled or Disabled. If it's not enabled, click Enable to turn it on.

Q: How does EasyWorship know when to report songs to CCLI? 

    A: When you have a CCLI/SongSelect subscription, and you're signed into SongSelect in EasyWorship, and have auto-reporting enabled, EasyWorship will report any song you "Go Live" to to CCLI. For example, if you add a song to a schedule but don't send it live, it won't get reported. It will only report it if it's sent to your Live output.

Q: What about songs used in rehearsals and printing from EasyWorship?

   A: CCLI's API is set up to report your song activity whenever you Go Live with or print a song in EasyWorship. If you Go Live to songs during your rehearsals, don't fret, this feature is here to remove the stress of making sure your activity is reported accurately.

Q: How does EasyWorship report the correct song?

   A: CCLI identifies songs by their CCLI ID, or song number. If you import your songs into EasyWorship using the SongSelect interface, that information is added to the song automatically. If you copy and paste songs into EasyWorship or type them in manually, you will need to add the CCLI ID number to the Info field in the song editor. It is up to you to make sure the songs you Go Live to match the songs you're singing.

Q: What if we sing a medley and copy and paste slides from one song into another?

   A: EasyWorship will only be able to report the CCLI ID number attached to the song you Go Live to. If you copy slides from one song into another song, it will only report one song. It's best when singing a medley to keep the songs separate in the EasyWorship schedule so it will report properly.

Q: What if we have multiple computers with auto-reporting turned on?

   A: If you're signed into the same SongSelect account on each computer, EasyWorship will report the song usage from each computer. CCLI will get all the information EasyWorship sends them from your account, and they will know how to process it correctly. 

Q: What if we don't have internet access on our church computer?

   A: You will either need to occasionally connect your computer to the internet so it can send the report to CCLI, or you will need to continue reporting your songs manually. Another option would be to transfer your schedule to a computer that has internet access and Go Live to each of the songs from the schedule on that computer so it can send the report.

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