Song slides show lyrics to the wrong / different song

Modified on: Fri, 17 Jun, 2022 at 10:29 AM


For a very small number of users, in EasyWorship 7.3, after opening your database, you find that 1 or more of your songs are now showing the lyrics of a different song in the database.

For example: If you click on "Amazing Grace", the lyrics of "Abide With Me" show up.

We have now been able to recreate this issue and identify what is happening. This will be fixed in the next update of EasyWorship.

The cause of this issue is when you have a song in the schedule (i.e. Amazing Grace), and you edit that song in the database with the box checked to apply the changes to the song in the schedule, then make an edit to the song and click Apply, then make another change to the song and click Apply a second time. This will give the song an incorrect ID and cause it to display the lyrics of a different song in the database.


We have found a simple fix for this that will reset the ID of the song and display the correct lyrics again. 

WARNING: Applying the following fix will reset all songs in your database back to the default theme. That means that any theme changes you specifically made to any of your songs will be reset to the default theme. 

For example: If you edited "Amazing Grace" and set a specific background to it in the database and moved the text box to the lower thirds of the screen, the text box and background would be reset to the default song theme. Slide separations and any default font formatting will not be affected. This will only reset theme changes within a song.

Resetting the songs in the database to Default Theme

  1. Open EasyWorship
  2. Click on Profiles menu
  3. Click on Utlilities
  4. Select Reset Songs to Default Theme
  5. Click Yes

All of your songs in your database should now have the correct lyrics and they will all be using the same Default theme.

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact EasyWorship Support.

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