Can't See Taskbar And Screen Is Black

Modified on: Mon, 26 Oct, 2020 at 9:53 AM


If you open EasyWorship and you can't see your taskbar and your screen is black when you minimize EasyWorship, this is due to not having the computer hooked up to a secondary screen and having Live turned on in EasyWorship.

This forces EasyWorship to go live to the only screen available which is your computer screen.


Click the Live button in the top-right corner of EasyWorship and make sure the Live button is no longer flashing. That means that Live is now turned off.

This will allow you to now minimize EasyWorship without the screen turning black and you can see your Windows taskbar again.


You can also set EasyWorship to not go live upon startup in the Advanced Options of EasyWorship. Follow these steps to disable live on startup:

1. In EasyWorship, click on Edit, and then Options.

2. Click on Advanced.

3. Uncheck the box at the top that says Show live screen on startup.

If you still have any issues with your screens, here is another article that will help you with your screen setup:

Dual Monitor Setup

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