Can I Use EasyWorship On A Single Monitor?

Modified on: Wed, 10 Mar, 2021 at 10:37 AM

EasyWorship is designed to output to a secondary monitor. However, if you are using a home computer or office computer to create schedules, you don't need to have a secondary monitor installed.

To display the live output in front of the Control screen on the single monitor, press Ctrl+Spacebar on the keyboard or click the live output at the bottom of the screen.  To get back to the control screen, press Ctrl+Spacebar or Alt+Tab.

If you use a computer with a single monitor to create schedules, you will want to turn off the Live output, otherwise it will display on your computer screen either behind or in front of the EasyWorship control screen.

To turn off the live output, click the LIVE button in the top right corner of the EasyWorship window.

To have EasyWorship automatically turn it off when you open the program:

In EasyWorship, click on Edit > Options > Advanced and un-check the box to Show Live screen on startup.

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