BETA Available

Hello EasyWorship users

We have a new beta available (EasyWorship for those who want to test it out. We have fixed several bugs and added a new feature that many of you have been asking for, auto-reporting for SongSelect by CCLI. When you sign in to SongSelect under the Songs tab, you will be prompted to enable auto-reporting. To manage your settings, right-click on any song in SongSelect under the Songs tab and go to Integration Settings.

We have located what we believe was causing the freezing issue for some of you and have fixed that. Please let us know if you still have this issue in the beta. We have also fixed an issue with NDI camera feeds resetting with slide changes and enhanced video playback and looping.

Since this is a beta, we recommend not running it in a live service. It will install separately from your current version, so you will still be able to run your current version for your live services.

If you do have any issues with it, please let us know here or contact support@easyworship.com.

EasyWorship BETA

We will add the newest version to the auto updater soon and you will be notified when you open EW if you haven't updated already.

We do post on FB and here on the forum when a new version is released but not in the auto updater yet, but we don't send out an email about it unless it's a major, full version release. Even then, it will eventually be added to the auto updater in EW.

Dan, is there an email list to which I can subscribe that will notify me of new update/upgrade releases? 


Excellent! Thank you Dan. 

Anthony, the full version, is available for download on our website now. 


FYI we began using the beta this week in our live service, and so far so good. Thank you EW team.

We switched to the beta because our previous version, occasionally locked-up mid-service, sometimes more than once per session. 

so nice

David, I can't recommend using it in a live service because it's a beta, but if it's fixing the issues you're having and you feel comfortable enough to use it, you can. 

I don't know how long it will be before we fully release it, but if it actually fixes everyone's issues like it is yours, it shouldn't be long.

Hi Dan, how long is this going to stay in beta because it has fixed my problems with editing Presentations, black slides in presentations and freezing when editing in presentations. We were getting just text on black screen on Alt Output but main and foldback worked fine. Just installed and everything works fine now, so I will need to use this version in our church on Sunday as going back to may not work due to the database being updated by the beta version.

I added this to Report a Bug yesterday.

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