7.4 Beta

Hi folks,

We are still a bit of time away from releasing the next update for EasyWorship, but we do have a beta available for those of you that want to try it out. 

This does update the browser in the software, so if you play youtube videos through EW, you will be able to do so again with this beta.

The beta will install separately from your current version, but it will use the same database. Nothing changed in the database that requires a database update, so it will stay the same.

This also fixes the Clear button not clearing the Alternate Output when using the remote app, Stream Deck, Companion, and MIDI.

And also adds support for NDI HX2 and HX3 cameras.

Since it is a beta, we recommend not running it in a live service. If you run into any issues, please let us know about it here. If you're a part of our Facebook Beta group, you can also post any feedback about it there.


EasyWorship BETA

The PowerPoint Browse Button would be very helpful right by the Store button, 

Tony Tasmaly, this is why I was asking about what you were wanting the PPT button for. Our Church never used PPT that much, especially after EW6 became usable back in  and didn't use that button. Plus we haven't used EW2009 for years so I didn't remember that button wasn't there. I think we made the switch to EW6 in 2014 or 2015 so it's been 7 or 8 years. 


My Beta version says it will expire in 4 days time! We are using it to get around the problem of EW not recognising our browser when we are getting song lyrics from Song Select. What should we do! Many thanks!


Groupsecretary, there is a new beta that does not expire until July here https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/SupportResources/ew_builds/beta/easyworship-  it is listed under the Announcements under news.

Thank you so much Donal Funkhouser!

My pleasure

Hi Donal Funkhouser we have been using EW2009 for the reason of the PPT button but because of new windows 10-and 11 we were forced  to get EW6 and then EW7 it is very unfortunate that from what i'm hearing we will probably never get a PPT Button. We only use PPT for our church Songs. 

Any ideas anyone.  I NEED to use two YouTube videos in worship in 2 days.  I talked with tech support yesterday and downloaded the beta version.  When I click web and enter www.youtube.com and then try to log in, it will not log me in.  I am ready to pull my hair completely out of my head.   I have a premium subscription.  Is anyone else having this issue??

Hi Vickie, I have brought this issue up to our developers, but you shouldn't have to log in to youtube to use the videos. You can search and schedule the videos in EW without being logged in to your youtube account.

Tony - we use PPT for all of our songs, too. We added all of them as presentations (selected all our PPTs at once). We then added them to a custom collection. Once that was done, we can search in EW by hymn number or title in the presentations list to filter the list and drag/drop. It saves having to go find a PPT file. Hope that helps.

Personally I can't understand why anyone would use PPT for song lyrics. EW has a a Song Lyric section for that purpose. That works a LOT easier and is more dependable than using PPT. And since you can install EW on ANY computer to use for creating songs, presentations, schedules, etc. there is no real reason to do otherwise. Sure, it would take a short amount of time to add in the song lyrics initially, but it saves so much time and headaches overall.

In the Beta or the 7.3 version, I can no longer find the prefilled song list. Is an one other than myself having this issue

Hi Donal Funkhouser, It is very simple why we still use PPT. First because we are a Romanian church witch we only sing Romanian Songs.  Second to type up  6400 files it is next to impossible. Third we don't really crate a schedule for songs I wish we did but I'm not the one the makes the rules. the people who sing announce the songs and I have seconds to put the song on the screen that makes it very difficult for me to put the song up when I have to go through 10 steps.  A PPT Button would be much Appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.  

I can understand all of that except for the 10 steps to pull up a PPT. It only takes me two steps to bring up a PPT, maybe 3 if you include scrolling thru the available PPTs to find the one you want. Not meaning to argue the point, just trying to understand.

is this far from going live yet? i notice betas have an expiry - what happens if the beta expires before the upgrade is released? Do i just redownload the beta again? This update is really important especially so browser works again rather than using discontinued IE technology :)