7.3 is here!

Hey All!

We have done a soft release of 7.3.

If you are a subscription user, you can get 7.3 today by downloading it from our demo page. If you are not a subscription user, you can purchase a subscription today and get 7.3 at checkout.

So if you've been waiting for the new features like Alternate Output, Contiguous Schedule, and Shapes, you can go to our downloads page and get these features today!


If you own a one-time purchase license of EasyWorship 7, your account now has a credit towards switching to an EasyWorship subscription to give you access to the incredible features of 7.3. Just log in to your account, then head to easyworship.com/pricing and you will see the credit amount to get you started. Keep in mind that this credit can only be applied towards an EasyWorship subscription and this credit is only available for a limited time. 

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Hi! A question arose: I have version 7 campus license. I can also upgrade from version

for version Will I have access to all the new features?

I have installed this version on new machines, but had to go back. Because Powerpoints will not load in this version.

It was a clean install with Office 2019 installed. Office 2016 made no difference. When back on it was functioning like it should.

 I have also problems with Powerpoint file. So I'm back to v7.2.3.0

@Dan Willard.

The hyperlinks to " easyworship.com/pricing" is broken, and a link to facebook in https://www.easyworship.com/software/download ?

Hello EasyWorship Community!
Just an update to let you all know we released a new build of EasyWorship 7.3 that fixes some bugs, including some with PPT, that were in the original release. I would recommend, if you are using EW7, to update to this newest build. You can download it from the link below. If you haven't upgraded to EW7 yet, you can do so on our website.
Here are the bug fixes in this build:
-Fixed issue where registration screen would not show on launch for demo users
-Fixed issue on AMD Ryzen where slide thumbnails would not build
-Fixed Registration screen crashes when clicking Complete Login during startup
-Fixed issue that may cause PowerPoint to flicker when closing EasyWorship while running PowerPoint
-Fixed issue with PowerPoint not working after uninstalling previous versions and re-installing newer versions of PowerPoint
-Fixed issue that could cause instability with DVD drive
-Fixed issue where certain MSHTML components would not refresh in integrated store
-Fixed issue with some video cards not running 32bit version of PowerPoint correctly in 64bit environments

Awesome! Looking forward to installing it.

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