[Equipment Configurations] NDI output and system configuration

I am new to sorting this all out. Currently in this pandemic situation we are only LiveStreaming, which I have running just fine.

I have EasyWorship running on one computer connected via NDI output to the computer that I am LiveStreaming from. What I want to know...can I connect a TV to the network and have the NDI output from EasyWorship also show on that TV?

I did connect the TV to the network and I see that my desktop that is running EasyWorship is kinda showing up on the TV but EasyWorship is not showing it's live output even though I extended the desktop to that monitor.

Like I said, I am new to this and so I am very unknowlegable of how things connect.

My second concern at this point is:

After the pandemic subsides and we return to regular church services I need to be able to have EasyWorship connect to my LiveStream system and to our monitors in the sanctuary...I have yet to decide the best way to do that. We had it set up for EasyWorship to project to the 3 sanctuary monitors with an HDMI connection but that doesn't allow me to also send an NDI stream to the computer that is running our LiveStream. So, if you have any thoughts of how I can reconfigure this set up, I'd love to hear them and please explain what things mean as you go! I have thought about purchasing a controller but not sure if that will do what I want.

Thank you all,


Rebecca's 2nd concern is a concern of ours as well. Now that we are live streaming with success there will be no going back after this is over. Having multiple outputs sure would be great.

I think I have the same question. I've seen the videos on how to configure "lower thirds" text for the live stream, but how can we simultaneously also have the full-screen text with background images go to the projector?

Would it be reasonable to capture the "foldback" display into OBS studio, mask out the extra foldback stuff, apply filters and then composite that on the live feed in OBS?

- Nathan
For these ideas you need two computers as some have mentioned. EasyWorship can display to an external monitor or NDI, but not both at the same time.

For our in-house, we split the hdmi output from our second screen to our various screens around campus as well as our VMix computer used for live-streaming. It has a Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card. And actually so does our EW computer. Each machine can output to the other for certain specific needs. But the capture card can only be used by one thing at a time. So we run the free VMix NDI desktop capture app on the EW computer as well. This allows us to grab a second instance of the second monitor (think song lyrics) and process that input in VMix separately from hdmi input.

So if the pastor is speaking and there are slides, pictures or other material to show online, no problem. I use the hdmi output of the EW screen so people online see what people in-house do. But for text that I want to overlay transparently over the video also coming from EW, I can grab the NDI output which I process differently in VMix. Transparent background, text repositioned and sized to the lower third, semitransparent gray box behind the text to help with contrast of the text, etc. Same source, multiple outcomes.

As I type this I’m thinking this is easier to demonstrate in person. I have OBS setup as well to do this. I just prefer VMix for various reasons and am more proficient at it.