[Equipment Configurations] Experience with DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K as capture card

Hello everyone!

This year we totally upgrade our technical setup in our church from VGA to a full HD installation. So the next step is to update our old capture USB device to a full HD input. We would like to use a PCI input card to make a more stable setup. We would like to use a DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K card as input card ( ).

Does someone has experience with this card as a capture card and as feed in easy worship 7?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)


i have an alternative

maybe you still need analog somehow
Hello Everyone,

Last month I bought the "DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K card" and try it with EasyWirship 7. The installation was straight forward, put the card in the computer, install the driver and it works :). It was directly available as feed in EasyWorship and the quality of the input is amazing :).

I recommend this card because it has a (HD) SDI input, so you can directly use a SDI cable with this card (handy when the camera is placed away from the computer). It contains also a HDMI input if you prefer that. In the software you can select which input you would like to use and the resolution.