[Equipment Configurations] NDI Configuration Plan

I have an evaluation copy of EasyWorship 7; the NDI Stream support caught attention. I'm working with a church evaluating a TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI with one (to start) PTZ1 Camera. I'm the PC technician; we lack good video experience. Does anyone have recommendations for how to plan perhaps a two-stage installation to add an NDI-compatible camera now (perhaps via HDMI feed to EasyWorship?), then when greater skill exists leverage that camera and EasyWorship 7 to a new TriCaster? We use an Intelliix 8 port HDMI video matrix now with modest 3 video out (mirrored) on Asus Win7 quad core i7 desktop to 1280 x 800 720p projectors (via onboard video - Igrant may need uptick to what? graphics card with a camera). I gather we may have to swap Intelllix to BlackMagic SDI matrix and RG6 cable to support the TriCaster. Our existing HDMI equipment fed MediaShout well last 4 years. We may record video first, then follow with live stream in phase 2. I'm concerned about taking on too much too soon when churches use average volunteers. Recommendations anyone?? Thank you.