[Equipment Configurations] Computer acting erratic

Computer specs. Windows 10Pro, 3.2ghz, 8gig ram, 7200rpm hard drive, GTX 730 video card which has one VGA, one HDMI and one DVI out. I use converters so I can hook them to the VGA cables.
3 projectors, two in front, one in the back. VGA cable run to one front projector ten loop put of it to the second one. VGA cable run to the back projector.
Everything works great until I turn the projectors off. Something crazy happens to the computer, the monitor starts flashing and very unstable. Can't click on anything, erratic behavior. I can unplug the DVI or HDMI cable and it clears up. Seems like the computer is confused when the projectors are off.
If anyone has had this issue I'd like to know.

I am curious if you have received an answer to your question?

I was gone in January and came back last Sunday with no problems. But went to set up today's schedule and the computer did something similar to what you described although my projector was on, it started flashing and popping on and off the screen. I did an update to the Windows 10 software and today in my first song it started again. I had to power down and restart and it was fine the rest of the morning. The person who covered for me while I was gone said it did it a lot also. I can't seem to find how I start a new message on this, so I'm hoping we have a similar problem.

I don't have my computer specs handy, but it is a new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop.

Debbie Stiglitz
Carney Free Church
I haven't heard of this being reported before. You might check to see if Helper is working on something.
In EW click on help, then background helper, or go to the system tray and open the helper from there.