[Equipment Configurations] Microsoft Surface

Has anyone experience of using the EW with Microsoft Surface , especially the lowest spec one, with the m3 processor. I need to upgrade an elderly laptop and this has been recommended. I would not need the Stage laptop output for the kind of meetings I need it for. There was a topic on this 2 years ago so I would be grateful for any update on that.
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Thanks for bringing up this question!

This is actually something I had been meaning to research for a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, the Surface with the m3 processor would not be able meet our system requirements.
It is a dual-core processor and would really be ideal for office use like Microsoft Office.
Video-rendering programs like EasyWorship really require a quad-core processor such as the i5 or i7 processors offered with other options of the Microsoft Surface.

On another note, the vast majority of the Microsoft Surface options contain an integrated Intel video card.
The top Intel video card, the Intel Iris Plus 640, is the only option that approaches our minimum requirement; however, even this card will probably not work as desired.

The Surface Studio does meet all requirements necessary to run EasyWorship6 though.
This version should actually meet our recommended specifications, as well.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend looking at a different line of laptops for EasyWorship6.
The price difference between the Surface Studio and an alternative recommended-specification laptop could be extremely significant.
For instance, there are several alternative options that meet or exceed our recommended specifications for $700-$1200 on multiple computer sites online. (e.g. Newegg, Amazon, TigerDirect, etc.)