[Equipment Configurations] Hdmi spliter and Hdmi switch

Hello guys
I am setting this up for a church and all working well but having trouble when switching from input1 to input2.
We have an hdmi spliter with 4 outputs and 1 input. And Hdmi switch with 1 output and 4 input.
We connects the hdmi switch output into input of hdmi spliter. -working fine
then we connect 4 monitors to the hdmi spliter output. - working fine.
then we connect camcorder to the hdmi switch input2 and desktop computer to hdmi switch input1 - working fine.

The issue\problem is....

Whenever we switch from hdmi switch input1 - which is for the Easy Worshiper to input2 camcorder- and back to input1, it dosen't work. Camcorder always switch and work well but Easy Worshiper does not. Please help. I have been working tirelessly all night. What should we do?

We had a capture card but sometime freezes. We decided to uninstall the capture card. We are using AMD Radeon HD 5450 graphic video card.
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This is a great question.
Here's what's happening.
When you switch from the computer to the camera, the video card on the computer turns off the connection to the switcher, because it isn't getting a signal anymore. For EasyWorship this is like driving down the road with four tires and then suddenly taking one away. EasyWorship is rendering to an output on the video card and now that output went missing.

There is a hardware solution for this. Pace an EDID emulator or a distribution amp between the computer and the switch. This will keep the connection alive even when you switch to the camera. On the EDID emulator, make sure you don't get an emulator designed for running a computer without a monitor. These are called ghost adapters. You need a real emulator that passes the signal through. Similar to this, there are cheaper emulators available, this is just an example. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-VSE ... d+emulator