[Equipment Configurations] Having a splitter

Hello. I work the EW system at church, but am not a technician. We are looking to have a splitter so we can display on multiple screens. We would get someone qualified, in to set it up.

My questions are:
Is it very expensive to have a splitter?
Is a splitter a piece of software, or a physical item?
Do you have to decide at the time of having the splitter how many screens you wish to display on, or can you add screens as needs change?
Timewise, it it a lenghty process?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has information about this and experiences/pros/cons of having a splitter.
Thank you
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I will try to answer your questions.

Splitters vary in price depending on how many outputs and what kind of outputs.
A splitter is hardware a physical item.
You will want to decide ahead of time how many outputs you want to have because each splitter is different. Ex: 1 input and 2 outputs or 1 input and 4 outputs etc.
I don't think it takes a long time. You just have to plug in the output from the computer to the splitter input and then all the outputs into the projectors or monitors or TV's.