[Equipment Configurations] Renumbering of NVidia displays in Windows

Has anyone on this group come to an understanding of how Windows chooses the numbers on the displays and how we can influence or alter that numbering system?

We are using a system with the recommended GTX750 quad head card with three outputs used for the display screen, projectors and foldback screen. Provided all three screens are present at startup everything works fine. However if for some reason the projectors are left off or the foldback screen is unplugged the screens all change numbers so that the computer monitor ends up becoming the second display, with the main desktop with start menu and icons shifting onto one of the other displays. So if the projector gets turned on after the computer is up, it becomes the first display instead of the monitor.

This makes turning the computer on anything but straightforward for a Sunday morning service and has produced endless frustration for our technical staff over the past three months that the new computer system has been in use.

I just want the computer monitor, which is currently numbered 2 by Windows, to be assigned number 1 so that it will always be the main display if we assign that to it, instead of the current dogs breakfast where one of the other screens is numbered 1 and messes up the stored order of the displays if for some reason it does not come up when the system is turned on.
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Had a similar problem with a new computer running Windows 10. Put a Nvidia GT 730 card in - monitor into VGA and the display into HDMI. It absolutely demands that the VGA output is screen 2. No matter what I do, what I unplug and replug in, it insists on defaulting this way. In the end I have the display to be on monitor 1 and telling windows to make display 2 my default. This would be mighty problem if I wanted more outputs! I do sympathise!

John Southam.