[Equipment Configurations] Projector control

Turning the projectors off and on from the video booth is a challenge, especially since our current Vivitek projectors only have IR detectors on the front. We used RS232 over CAT5 cables until our desktop died and we chose to replace it with a laptop.

The solution was to purchase one of these for each projector. I wrote a Java app to control them, and put shortcuts on the Windows taskbar. I have seen 2 basic "flavors" of projector RS232 control. Vivitek uses "V codes". For example V99S0001 for power on, V99S0002 for power off. The Planar projectors we used previously (and some Vivitek projectors) use ~PN and ~PF.

I'll be glad to share the source code or send a compiled jar file. Email me at soundguy@nbmalvern.org.


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This is Cool! Thanks for Sharing Gary!