[Equipment Configurations] Questions about GTX750

We are using a dell XPS 8900, I-7, 8 gb ram, 1gb raid. we are running EW 6. After trying a usb to vga converter to run a foldback, I changes to a Nvidia GTX 750, so I could use a HDMI to VGA converter. That worked like a dream. But I was dismayed to find the HDMI output was fixed as monitor 1, or the foldback. Does anyone know if it's possible to reassign the card outputs apart from Windows?

I managed to get everything arranged, with much running back and forth. But I'm having difficulty preserving my primary monitor desktop.

The less than ideal solution I am using is to put all my icons in the center of the screen on my primary monitor.

Any ideas?
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Those kind of settings are usually programmed into the card. Windows usually allows you to reassign your primary monitor, but all post stuff will show up on the primary and shift only after Windows starts to boot.

Can you not just make the HDMI you control screen and the other the projection?