[Equipment Configurations] EW 6.3Is not sending the following verse when you select it

Thanks for your help guys!

We have a pc with windows 7 We have updated to EW6.3 please help us!

Since the update 6.3 arrived, we have found that some times when we are sending 1 verse to display, when ever you select with double clic the next verse, it won't sent it LIVE to display. So now we need to grab the verse and push it to the "preview section" and hit enter (because doble clic is not working in the EW6 program)

This issue was not on last version.

what can we do? Can you fix this issue? or can we downgrade to 6.2?

hope you could help us
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If you are not live (the live button is not blinking) then it will not go to the live screen. If you are live (the live button is blinking) it will go to the live screen.