[Equipment Configurations] Using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Anyone used Easyworship (6 or 2009) on one of these?

I only occasionally need to use EW on my laptop, but was considering a Surface as a replacement instead of a full laptop.

Rodger has run it on a tablet but the video did not work and he thinks it may be because it was using an ATOM processor. It may work on the newer tablets that have an I Series Processer but has not been tested.
For a similar cost to a Surface Pro 3 you might consider an ultrabook-class laptop; it will have more ports, storage and most importantly graphics performance. The couple of pounds difference would be worth it. New ultrabook laptops can become tablets if that is a factor.
My experience with a netbook (intel atom etc) was that EW2009 worked but don't expect to be able to use video.
I'm in the same position and occasionally use my Dell 7440 laptop (ultrabook) which has a lot of components in common or similar to the mid range Surface Pro 3 - i5 (4300) processor, 8Gb RAM, 1920 x 1080 touch screen, ssd, HDMI / mini displayport, Intel HD graphics 4400. It has worked well for front of house display only in HD for Songs, Scripture and Powerpoint. I haven't tried it seriously with Video and I don't know how I would connect a foldback screen.
Thanks for the replies. Am not getting my email notifications so I just realized people responded.

Weight is everything to me. I do not use a laptop full time, but need it when I am away from the office and am tired of lugging a 5 pound laptop. I was considering the Surface Pro 3 because of the combination of low weight and power of the i processors. I also occasionally need to run EW on my laptop so that is why I was asking.

I guess I can keep my laptop around for those times and go with something cheaper and smaller for portable use.