[Equipment Configurations] Hdmi Splitter 1x2

I recently set up our EW6 program to custom fit our LCD TV. We added a second LCD TV for the back of Sanctuary and I am using an HDMI splitter to send the same feed to the back screen as well. Now everything is messed up! the screen is disproportioned and nothing fits. Also it will not allow me to go into options to change anything and just keeps giving me an error message and eventually shuts everything down. I need some guidance. Thx
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Possibly if your resolution on the displays changed when you hooked up the other tv and splitter, you might have invalid settings in the configuration screen. If you hook up the way you used to have 1 tv and check the resolution of that Tv in windows Display Settings, because the computer should recognize the display and switch to it's saved configuration. Then hook up both and see what the computers output resolution is to the hdmi and see if they are the same, and if they are not, see if you can change them to be the same as they were on the single display. If you can get the resolution for the 2 tvs to match the resolution the single tv used, I would expect it to work for both then.

If you can't get the two to work on the same resolution the single tv did, you may need to hookup just the original one, change the configuration in EW to default and reconnect the second one and go in and be able to adjust then as needed. Atleast that's what I would expect having had the behavior I did when setting ours up, but I'm no expert on EW.