[Equipment Configurations] Foldback Display Issue

Current PC has a Radeon HD 6450 with dual display. We also have an HP docking station that connects via USB that gives us another display. In EW2009 we've been using that docking station USB display adapter for our foldback. However when we run EW6 it's just a black screen.

Interesting thing happens when you drag another window over to that monitor, you'll see the foldback text. However the window you're dragging around leaves a trail of copies of itself and once you stop dragging it stops refreshing and leaves the trail with the foldback text behind it.

Has hardware requirements changed? Perhaps that USB display adapter was never really supported but EW2009 worked with it. Going to try using that USB as our monitor, then the two Radeon outputs for Front/Rear projectors to see how that works.

USB adapters have never been supported and have always been problematic.
The AMD 6450 really isn't suited for the extra rendering that the foldack function will add.
Our church is planning on using ‚Äč‚ÄčAbleton for our live worship services and we will like to implement midi triggers that control the lyrics of a particular song. Does EasyWorship have the ability to interact with Ableton or other software so that it receives midi triggers to move from one slide to another?
Right now we do not have this feature.